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Oh hey, I know these people. Congrats!

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This is perfect.

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Here you go, dude: http://www.crisiscallcenter.org/crisisservices.html

Don't be shy. They're there to help. You can even text if you want, whenever you want. They're good people.

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You know, I really don't care what they play as long as they're having fun. It's always a bummer when you can tell they're just playing games because people keep hounding them about it.

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Can't believe it's been a year. I remember nearly vomiting when reading the post on the front page. I'm still not over it. I still miss him. All the shit I light on fire and blow up on this weekend will be in memory of him. I just feel like he'd enjoy that.

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Both sides have been disgusting today. The internet hate men were of course the worst, but damn if I wasn't disappointed in the people going "OH YEAH? WELL WE DIDN'T WANT TO BE PART OF YOUR SHITTY WEBSITE AND TERRIBLE COMMUNITY ANYWAY!"

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Dan and Jason are fucking perfect for the job. Been reading their stuff for so long through GI and it's seriously so great to see them here.

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Has anyone else had trouble getting into ANY online matches on PSN? I literally cannot ever connect to anyone and I’ve been trying since the game came out. Please holla at me if you have any advice!

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@ravelle said:

The lightning bolt is way more frustrating than the blue shell, also if you're in the lead enough the blue shell won't make a difference.

I haven't played a Mario Kart since the DS version and I completely agree with you.

Looking forward to picking up 8 when I get some disposable income.

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He's perfect for this role.