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I'm 28 and just signed up for something similar. Different reasons, of course, but still...you ain't alone, duder. It's good that you knew to get help. Best of luck!

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Maybe I'm mistaken, but isn't Cards Against Humanity just a derivative clone of Apples to Apples?

I was just going to say that. It's Apples To Apples for people who like EDGY HUMOR BRO. The best thing I've done in the past week is unfollow Temkin on all social media. Dude's a self-important tool.

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@meatball: I don't really get that POV. Why not just ignore that kind of content, and keep consuming the other guys' content? I don't get how this kind of content could turn anyone off the site as a whole as long as they still enjoy the other parts.

I should start off by saying this has nothing to do with Porpy:

I check the site less often now because I know the front page is going to be SCOOPIN AND SPELUNKIN AND WORTH READING/WATCHING/PLAYING WITH KLEPEK!!!. Now I just listen to the Bombcast and check the site maybe twice a week to see if there are new Quick Looks.

Again, nothing to do with Porpy, I just don't happen to like Patrick's stuff. And that has nothing to do with him as an individual, either.

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Other people have mentioned it, but yeah, Shadow Hearts. Never played the sequels but absolutely loved the first.

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Nice article about yourself, Patrick. Could you write one about Phil now?

This is exactly my response when I read this.

Yeah, the nerve of someone on this personality driven site trying to provide personal insight into what it's like being on the receiving end internet hate and the difficulties of coping with it.

I deleted my comment after reading about Patrick's father. Didn't want to come off as too much of a dick or an "annoyed gamer." Still, I kinda wish news stories played it straight, and "Worth Reading" is more of Patrick's, well...blog, I guess.

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I know everyone is saying this is amazing, but seriously, it is. Good work!

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It was hard to get my words onto the paper (or screen, in this instance), but I tried: