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I'll never forget the podcast when all the guys tried the free Swedish candy they were sent by developers and almost immediately after putting the candy in his mouth, Ryan cried, "SWEDISH ASSHOLES!!!" That was my Ryan moment. I had the great opportunity to exchange a couple emails with him regarding our birthdays (mine being the day before him) and wish each other many more happy years. Unfortunately, he didn't get those many years. As many more have said on this comment thread, it is amazing how choked up I got over someone whom I never knew personally. I don't know whether to be jealous of the GiantBomb crew for having known Ryan, or be the utmost relieved that my hurt is NOWHERE near what they are feeling right now.

Rest in peace, Ryan. I am sure that just because you are no longer here in the physical world, that won't mean a damn thing to those who knew and loved you.

~~Another Ryan

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Fuck me, I am so happy! Cannot wait for March 12!!! I just hope now that it's not delayed.

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@Morrow: Absolutely. AMAZING game as well. Actually just finished my first playthrough a couple of weeks ago.

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WHAAA???? The ending was fucking GREAT. Very dark and morbid, but it really hit home. Even though I was half expecting this to happen one way or another, Rockstar once again brought up some seriously sad emotions. Man, they're good at storytelling.

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I actually just started playing it a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had a ton of time to spare, so I'm only about 16 hours in. But for someone who never before played RPG's until recently, this game is FUCKING AMAZING.

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Well that's great, thanks guys. I actually just walked in the door and am taking the PS3 system update. Once that's done I'll try the game. I appreciate all the help!

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Hey duders! Simple question, borderline stupid. I ordered a copy of Baja: Edge of Control for PS3 thinking is was the US version. I received a copy with PEGI symbols instead of ESRB symbols. Is this going to change the game in any way?

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BAD BAD BAD, Mr. Delicious!! :-(

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@DeF said:

This is kinda like a big deal!

I was thinking the same thing. Good luck though, Cliff. I hope you find another way to make tons of more money... :-\

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@MistaSparkle said:

You should just pick up Trackmania 2. It's essentially the same game.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I think I just peed a little!