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@tavistavistavis: What you're suggesting makes sense. It is an option if you select Options->Display->HUD Configuration. It can be turned on or off. Thanks for the input!

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Title says it all. I can't for the life of me figure out what Info Messages are in this game. I have gone back and forth in the HUD configuration and can't see the difference. I have searched as much as I could with no definitive answer. Can anyone help?

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@kedi2: You are most welcome! And I am truly sorry for not mentioning the platform in the original post! I'm glad someone could use it though

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Don't need it - enjoy!


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@hestilllives19: Holy shit! That's either really impressive, or you have a serious problem ;-) Thanks for the input!

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@bofooq:Wow, I definitely did not know that. Thanks for the information, I will just wait it out another few weeks!

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Okay, hopefully someone can help me out with this, as my combing over countless message boards have proved to be in vain. Here we go! I purchased a physical copy of Destiny around holiday 2014 and had a blast with it. I purchased the season pass shortly thereafter, and started losing interest. I ended up trading in the physical copy in May to put trade value towards another game, and as of late, have been regretting this decision. I have decided to buy the game...again.

tl;dr - Bought Destiny late 2014, traded a few months later, want it back

My problem: I have $25 gift card on PSN and want to use it towards the digital copy of Destiny. As I have already paid for the DLC, I just want to download the standard edition, NOT the Digital Guardian Edition, which costs more because of the included DLC.

My question: Is it even possible to get the standard edition, or am I stuck purchasing the Digital Guardian Edition and paying for the DLC again?

So far, I have downloaded the demo, and I am going to level up to Level 7, which is when I am assuming it's going to ask me if I want to buy the game. To all of you - HELP! Thank you for your time to reply.

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So sad. An extraordinary visionary who's life was cut too short. Wii will miss U.

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@poser said:

Threads like this should be locked, they just start dumb flame wars among children.

Unfortunately, this is true. Even though the question is a valid one, there are sadly too many immature people/children who just want to start flame wars...It's a shame people can't just enjoy a game for the experience and sense of submersion it provides.