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Sitting at home still getting over being sick leads to utter boredom.
Waiting for anything to show up via mail or UPS is stupid.
Having people not trust you is lame.
Kids are a godsend.

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Fallout pack for sure. And yay for not having to order from GameStop then.

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Well this is nice news, I never did get around to playing the first one. Even owning it on both the PC and 360. But all of I have heard is that ME2 was a much more polished game when it game to controls. So I will be picking this up for sure. I guess given the time frame I could power through ME1 just for the story on the PC or just watch some videos to get caught up.

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Currently in my PS3 is Overlord 2, I had been playing Fallout 3 GOTY edition, but much to my chagrin I needed to get the guide for that game.  So until UPS drops off the guide it's minion strategist  , chaos causing time.