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I got it. Have always been a VF fan, and I'm glad to get back into it. Have also been watching streams and Haunts' The Daily Blowup. I have to refresh on my VF terminology, shit is weird.

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Why don't they just man up and say, "Look kids, it's coming out on the next-gen console, so just relax"? All this secrecy is actually hurting it's image.

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I love 8-4 Play, so yay.

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Ono is awesome, but dude needs a well deserved vacation. Get well soon, Ono-san.

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Aris is as old school as they get, and he doesn't want the FGC to change, at least in attitude. Yes, Aris was exposed, but this is Aris, and he doesn't hold back. To him, the FGC is all about machismo and braggadocio, and that's what will always be. Unfortunately, when something that you love is changing so quickly and becoming more mainstream, and is actually trying to be mainstream, you can't have it both ways.

This was bound to happen, if not with Aris, then with someone else on a big promotional live event.

I chalk it up as growing pains for the FGC. The ugly will happen, but we can't let it overshadow the positives, such as the FGC's acceptance with Kayo and Ricky Ortiz.

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As an artist, I see how uDraw has probably made a cool entry point for these young aspiring artists, and that is a good thing. With that said, these are all terrible pictures. Get your ass to some proper art classes now.

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"Fixed crashes related to pathing and AI"

I hope this means no more annoying and sometimes gamebreaking issues with followers, especially Barbos. STFU just for one second, dog! Sheesh!

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Sony is truly insane

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I hate the idea of pre-ordering games anyway (what's the fucking hurry?) so I'm not going to for this game either.

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I don't agree with his business practices, but at least he did this for a good cause.