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I haven't checked all the grimoire cards i unlocked, but some give little bonuses. Like glimmer bonus for enemy cards and a weapon xp boosts for weapon cards.

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I am getting"error retrieving promo code. Are they all gone?

Nope, just redeemed a code. Totally worked.

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Man what the fuck

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  • Portal
  • Portal 2 - never really liked puzzlegames, now i know there is more to them, but still.
  • Dragon Age Origins - played that on xbox
  • The Witcher - I really liked The Witcher 2, figures there is a Witcher 1 ^^
  • The Witcher 2- played this on xbox
  • Torchlight- Played this on Xbox, is the oc version different or should i play Torchlight 2 ?
  • Torchlight 2
  • Deus Ex - I liked Human Revolution, will check this one out
  • FEAR (you'll have to use a mouse and keyboard for this one. Get used to it, it's better once you do) Will check the internet for this one
  • Legend of Grimrock Ditto
  • Sleeping Dogs played this on Xbox
  • Skyrim ditto
  • Oblivion ditto
  • Fallout 3/New Vegas ditto
  • Crysis ditto
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I will check out your list, about the PC specs this is what i could find via Dxdiag. Like i said pretty new to all of this.

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~4.5GHz

Memory: 16384MB RAM

Available OS Memory: 16334MB RAM

Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti


I like strategy/Rts, Rpg’s, kinda want to try an MMO leaning towards SWTOR but not really sure about that one. Action games also fine by me.


So Civilization V, looks pretty good, i played a ton of Civ:Rev on the Xbox, Civ V is probably way crazier, but looks cool.

Skyrim, played that game to death on the XBox, is it worth buying this game again just for mods and dicking around with cheats and such ?

Also is Starcraft 2 strictly single player worth it ?

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Hello Giant bomb people,

So here’s the deal, I've never really played any games on the PC. I've been a console gamer since the early PlayStation 1 days, and except for a month of WoW i never played any games on a PC.

Recently i bought a fairly decent PC of a friend of mine, He is going to Australia for a couple of years to travel and work, so he wanted to get rid of it. He also really wanted a Vita so i traded him my Vita plus like €500 for his PC After some digging around on the internet i’m almost certain that this thing is pretty decent. Even tho i don’t know shit about Pc’s. But i feel pretty good about this deal.

So now i’m looking for some great PC games to play, i don’t really know where to start since there are so much games. The only game that i’m going to buy for certain is Diablo 3, that’s because i saw that game at my friends place.

So i’m looking for some recommendations, i should note that i play my shooters on the console So i’m not really looking for shooters on the PC So if anyone could give me some recommendations for awesome PC games that would be great.

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I went to Dawnstar and talked to the Jarl there. There is a dialogue option about buying land.

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oh yeah.