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The only big question for me is how they will manage to have huge maps and playercounts (64+) in the game along with current tech graphics and still have it run on the by then quite outdated console hardware.

A 'BF' game with <32 players and CS-sized maps isnt really BF, it's just another MW2 clone.

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@sarahsdad said:
" hopefully addable as a party member, and not just an npc giving out missions. "
Oh god how i wish that was true, but i think they're running out of squadmember space for all the menus so i kind of doubt it.
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Over 2 hours of torturing myself through this beta have only show me one thing: Holy shit BC2 is so much better its not even funny. And i mean the BC2 beta.

Playing MoH feels like having a lobotomy, so dumb dull and generic it hurts.

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"Oh Great, Fallout 3.5"?

You say that like its some sort of bad thing. I hope i can bring my character over somehow (or at least use mod + character converters)

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Looks like a more colorful borderlands with actual gameplay and awesome fights!


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Didn't have the balls to go with the 'rejected' name eh?

Shame on you guys for being all mature and professional and stuff!

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This car now with DUAL WIELDING the feet pedals! After you drive this you just _cant_ go back to your single pedal car.

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Well aren't you a mature poopie head.

@Snipzor said:

I don't think most people realize this, but you can make out what the movie's about by watching this. Or at least get a minimal understanding of what's going on. "

Here, i put the theory to the test: 
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@Lazyaza said:
" No Dead Space 2 on PC? wtf!   

indeed, what the hell? is it going to be a tower defense game this time or maybe a rythm turn based tetris clone?

How about a real Dead Space game? :(

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Stop me if you've heard this one before: TF2 and a horrible korean mmo step into a broken teleporter....