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@nardak: Austin has stated why he didn't mention Iron Galaxy in the comments.

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Fuck, what an awesome game. Great news.

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I'm not sure if I can fully appreciate this news without Vincent Caravella's biting critique.

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Vania's Castle coming to you in 2015.

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Patrick, you are my last hope for Fire Emblem: Awakening to make it onto the GOTY list. Please, I beg you: do what is right.

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Man, I've probably spent more time listening to Ryan than I have most of my friends. Heartbreaking for the duders, staff and members alike.

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Dave, you're definitely going to be a big loss as a personality as well as a designer. You need to visit more often than not.

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@rubzo said:

@Robaota: it wasn't Kindred Saga was it?

It absolutely was. It was fantastic, and so are you!

It is an absolute shame that it wasn't completed as it in many ways it came across as a pretty professional product.

Thanks for this! You are great! Superb! Wonderful! Now just to play it...

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Shut up and Jam reminds me of my misspent youth with RPG Maker. I remember some real gems being made with the tool, perhaps I should try and root them out...

Dude YES! Those were some great times. I do remember one that I found that was only partially finished but had custom assets made for the whole thing, inluding music and that. It was based in a dirty-industrial setting, and I remember being very impressed that it also seemed to involve a ton of coding too as it's battle system was left vs right ala Final Fantasy not the default Dragon Quest view.

If someone finds that for me, I will provide a great deal of gratitude and throw a few superlatives your way as well. Promise.