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I know where it could be, on the PS4.

This game is going to be a PS4 launch title, IMO.

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Alex, my thoughts exactly. You nailed it.

And as a long time Nintendo fan, I am disappointed and believe that Nintendo could be in some serious shit if they don't get major 3RD Party support after the system launches. And I mean new 3rd party IP EXCLUSIVES to Nintendo Wii U.

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If Sony were to have done that, it would have been one of the stupidest decisions in the history of history.

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Wow. Thanks for advice.
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I am learning how to drive stick (I hate it right now but not a surprise) and my biggest problem is getting the car to start moving forward, I stall quite a bit. I heard of this method called "no gas method" where you just slowly let out of the clutch and once the car starts moving then you apply the gas. 
I have read some people say that that isn't a good idea.  
I need help. Haha. 
I really wanna use that method but if it's bad for the car or dangerous on the road then I don't wanna do it.
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Yeah I saw all of them last night. My friend and I were having a blast watching his videos. His animation is SUPERB.
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YouTube spam? WTH? Whatever. His PSP Squirrels one is just as funny.
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Lots of you have probably seen this already but I just found this last night through my friend and I laughed my ass off. Some of the funniest shit I have ever seen. So yeah. You should watch it if you never have . . . 
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I remember I had Enter the Gecco on the sample disc. That's all that I remember. Haha. IDK which Enter the Gecco it was, but it was set in a very dark castle or something. Like a spooky atmosphere I guess you could say.
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Hahah :( my goodness. That fucking sucks. But it's good that you'll be upgrading once again here pretty soon. I'd cry if I was stuck with a TV like that.