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A Samsung 32' 1080P TV. My house has a total of 4 Samsung HDTV's that we have bought since late 2008. We love Samsung. Haha.
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I agree with you completely.
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3D will not take off until HD 3D TV's are glasses free and cheaper than it is now. People need to stop freaking out thinking that Nintendo not fully supporting 3D on its home console is a bad move. It isn't. It is smart. Not only that but 3D on the big screen hasn't proven to be all that popular either. 3D has always seemed to come and go.  
On the other hand, when it comes to Nintendo not supporting HD back in the day, now that was a big mistake because HD was naturally the next big step in TV technology. 3D isn't. It's a toy that may or may not catch on.
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What. The. Fuck. Is this some sort of a sick joke? I remember playing crash mode for the first time back on Burnout 2 and falling in love with it. Now I'm just gonna shit on it instead.
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Yessss. I don't own a 360 so I am very excited that I will be able to get this through my Steam account or my PS3. Finally.
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Wow. You guys should calm down.  
And Yoshi's Island is a good game.
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Okay so I downloaded ZSNES and I went searching for ROMS but I have no idea on what to do from here. Help please.
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Alright. I'll do that. Thanks.
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I've been wanting to emualte a bunch of SNES games because some of my favorites aren't on the Virtual Console yet (like Yoshi's Island :( ) or the original cartridges just do not work on my original SNES. 
So. How does one (NOOB) go about emulating SNES games. I have no idea where to start. 
Any help would be appreciated.
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Wow. That looks fucking amazing. I wish though that F1 was more entertaining to watch on TV. I find it somewhat entertaining but the fact that there are rarely any lead changes during the race makes it somewhat boring. I want some close competition. Not one or two or three guys running away with the race.