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. . . orchestrated track at the end of the game?  
I thought that it sounded fucking fantastic :) I can't wait to hear more of that in Skyward Sword.

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@Scarlet_Rogue: YES.
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@Aus_azn: Interesting. 
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These two bosses usually give me tons of trouble to the point where I usually get really fucking pissed and feel like throwing stuff to release my anger.  
But this time around I was able to defeat Dark Link without him touching me once. I was pretty proud of myself.  
Then came Bongo Bongo and I just KNEW that I would be stuck on him for a long ass time.  
Thankfully that is not what happened. Bongo was only able to hurt me once, the rest of the time I whaled on his ass with the Master Sword (way to lazy to get the Biggoron sword, and I actually find it to be way overrated). 
So yeah. I am starting to think either I just have gotten so used to this game after playing it a few times before OR maybe the bosses in this game are slightly easier? . . . IDK.

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I was only 6 (almost 7) when the game came out and I owned an N64 but I was to busy messing around with Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing so I didn't make time for myself to play OOT but I did watch my older cousin play it and it was so fun watching him play that game. I just remember the atmosphere that that game created. It's the only game that I actually enjoy watching someone else play, mostly due to the atmosphere.  
Since then I would just mess around with the game, never fully complete it until the virtual console release and then I played through the game with a friend and thought to myself "why did I never play through this game all the way myself?" because it was so incredible. And now it is even better on 3DS. I am loving it right now all over again :D

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@demontium: Hahahah oh my gosh. I HATED when that happened.
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I went to one of my local Walmarts yesterday and they had about 5 of them in stock still. So. I guess it just depends on how many each store decided to carry. And I live in a pretty populated area so I was surprised that there was some left. 

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I played OOT as a kid but Majora's Mask was just way to weird and difficult for me to understand so I never played it. I own it on the 64, I just never played it. Sooo. I wouldn't mind picking it up and playing it on 3DS.

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@FreakAche: Yes it does. 
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My nickname is thebobster and my friend code is 0216 0886 3922. If you add me then just PM me and I'll be sure to add you back :)