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Yeah. I just read this. Thank goodness we are finally done with this friend code crap. About fucking time. 

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Holy cow. I was expecting 50 dollars more on each model. These prices are fantastic. Kudos to Sony for the price of that hardware. Shame on you for that disgusting name.

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The lineup of games for this conference looks pretty stellar. Nothing could be as bad as last years conference. 

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@DrDarkStryfe: Exactly. 
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With a six inch touch screen, this controller will be expensive. In order for it not to be TOO expensive then the touch screen will probably be a resistive touch screen which means that it will more than likely register just a single touch at a time and also means that the screen will be of lesser quality in terms of resolution and build.

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This is the ugliest name in the history of names. This CANNOT happen.

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I constantly switch between IGN, GS and GT while I watch on G4. My brain goes on fucking overload during E3 and is fried by the end of each day. But it's worth it. E3 always caused me to have zillions of tabs open. It's great :D Haha.

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Even G4 's coverage of E3 isn't all that great. Except for the fact that they show the press conferences without commercial interruption. However I remember the first year that they showed the conferences on TV a few years ago, they took a commercial break during a big announcement. I think it was Halo Reach. I forget but it was hilarious. Because right during the middle of the conference, Adam Sessler had to embarrassingly whisper into his microphone that they were going to commercial break. I laughed my ass off.

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Not TOO bad of a lineup. I am actually more interested to see what movies that they have available.

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Well it's great to hear that this new console is AT LEAST on par with the 360 and PS3. I wouldn't be surprised if it's even more powerful than those two. I really hope so.