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                    @Styl3s That is funny, because minecraft may be inspired by infiniminer, but it has changed so much that it has become its own thing. Fortresscraft doesn't even attempt to be something different. It is a shameless ripoff.



Perhaps you should think before you speak.

1. Minecraft was Infiniminer with LESS features when it first came out.

2. Minecraft has been in devlopement since 2009.

3. FortressCraft was coded from the gound up in C#(a language vastly superior to Java) in 6 weeks iirc.


Now that said, FortressCraft hasn't done anything Minecraft doesn't?


1. Relics: Items that enable anything from flight, to lighting around your character.

2. FreezeTag a multiplayer variant that sees the players in the game compete to tag each other.

3. A built in console to access various features such as time of day, where to place water, or player count. All in-game.

4. A plethora of options that that lighting to be changed from completely flat(no lighting) to parallaxed/lightmap. And details from the colors of lamps and the existence of 3D particles to change. All accessible in an easy to navigate menu.

And I'm not even going to mention thing like planned PVP and Tower Defense mode in any amount of detail.




I also just want to throw this out there. Fortresscraft was purchased 30,000 times in the first 2 days it was out.


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@General_D23: May just be me, but that rifle bears an insane similarity to the snipers in Mass Effect
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This could be very interesting. The original Diablo worked damn near flawlessly on the PS1 and even had enhancements over the PC counterpart. Couple that with the fact that from what we have seen so far Diablo 3 plays alot more simply, and we could have another awesome Diablo port on consoles.  Even though I have a PC that will be fully capable of running Diablo 3 I think I would prefer to get it on a console instead just because. 
And why are people so up in arms about something staying exclusive? In my opinion every game should just be available for every platform and the userbase decide what to get it on. No that it will every happen, but that is my dream.

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I'm not exactly sure what everyone is complaing about. They released some OPTIONAL dlc, that is NOT required to get the full Fable experience. Some people will buy it, others will not. If what is being released is not for you, just move on until the next thing relevant to you is released.