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Those times on the main page should be lined up with UK time, mine says 4.30pm time for Nintendo which is right as its due to start at 5pm today.

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@hailinel said:

I'm amazed at how often some people are willing to put up with starting from scratch given how fucked the online has been the whole week.

Exactly, peeps need to be stronger and STOP playing Online til shits fixed. Thats the only way to send a message to Rockstar.

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Some good info from Rockstar but you can lose your online character at ANYTIME regardless of what you try to do to prevent it.

Last night after about 10 hours straight play the cloud went down and returned me to singleplayer. Returned to Multiplayer, cloud still down. Tried about 30 minutes later and character gone, only his money left. Tried again today, still no dice.

If you are playing GTA Online your character can go at any moment and the chances of getting them back are minimal. Atleast I was only about Lvl 14 and not 60. Still done with it tho.

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But.. Titanfall isn't exclusive.

Its not coming to PS4................atleast not for a long while.

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Does this open the door for the long rumored Metal Gear Movie with Jack Bauer in the lead role???

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I'm in XBOX GT: Robbo Da Funko

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@Barrock said:

@evophile said:

@Barrock: Same here. Trying to watch the MUA TNT and I'm getting about 15 secs of video and stopping for 30 secs etc etc etc

Yup. That's the exact video I was attempting to watch.

And the same for me too.......there's gonna be no point renewing my Premium at this rate, I can't really watch anything on the site right now. I know its only a small minority effected, but those who are, aren't happy. :(

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Same problem is back again, trying to watch Pixeljunk 4AM Quick annoying.

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Gone bad again, trying the Portal 2 Quick Look Streaming HD and its buffering every 10 seconds.......UK, Virgin Media. This sucks.

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I don't know if the problem was fixed or the new video player has solved the original problem but I just watched the Minecraft Quick Look in Streaming 720 HD with no problems!!

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