screw it

Just got a couple months of a wow a few of my friends have been recommending it so i finally gave into subscribing to an mmo.  
Before getting into wow alot of my time had been going to minecraft where me and and a couple friends built a pretty dope base. 
I was working seasonal at gamestop so i got to try out a lot of games and i gotta say pretty unimpressive holiday.  
im to lazy to type more or clean this up so poop 


disc drive blues

  my 60 gig ps3 disc drive has gone out so now im relying on other methods to game. Downloadable games are a great feature on this generation of consoles seeing as ive never played Final fantasy VII i thought this would be a good time to go through it. Im liking the game much more simpler then alot of new jrpgs out but i can see the depth of it as well. im only about nine hours in and can say it was worth the ten dollers i put down for it. its dare i say cute in many parts and i truely understand why it was so monumental in its release back in 97.
    To get my online shooter fix i have warhawk which i never played too much. i can play it about an hour before i lose interest. why did they put this auto aim crap like its 1998? the one part i enjoy are the warhawks, even though i get owned in many games i can always have my way in rookie ranked matches. ive learned how to dodge missiles much better now although i still need some work to compete in higher leveled rooms.
  Back on the rpg side of things i've ordered fallout collection for pc of amazon. It comes with fallout 1, fallout2, and fallout tactics. since final fantasy has got me in a more nostalgic mood of late i thought i should give these a shot. I saw it was recommended highly by most and really felt it was necessary to go through seeing how i enjoyed fallout 3. i should be receiving these later this week so ill keep you guys posted on what i think.

also i could use some friends on here expect alot of activity on here from me.