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To me it isn't a question of whether Luckey, Carmack and co. think they betrayed anyone. The fact is that their company breached the trust of the grassroots movement that supported them back when it was getting started. This has manifested in the internet outrage we're seeing now. I'm not sure they can earn that trust back from the majority of them.

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@darukaru said:

I won't forgive any "Nise Kawaiikochans"!!

Someone else who knows that strip!

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You got any other games that do something weird or is it just Infamous?

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Go take some self-esteem courses or see a psychiatrist about it. Not joking... it'll only help.

Anyway, complaining about this all at 23, you sound like you're suffering a very early onset of a mid-life crisis. Stop worrying so much!

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Also didn't know so much of the GB community work for pharmaceutical companies..."Go to some under qualified therapist who knows nothing about the human brain but has the entitlement to prescribe powerful brain altering drugs with 100s of known side effects and even more unknown side effects". Sure telling someone to go to a therapist can be good advice, in a last ditch scenario.

Your assumption that a doctor or a therapist's first course of action is to prescribe a bunch of drugs is amusing but wrong.

EDIT: Also, boy, what an old post this was.

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That girl was probably terrified of you. You should get those facial tattoos removed with a laser, they're not doing you any favors.

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People are reporting that there is no reversible cover included for Europe (or other regions, possibly).

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This is just great.

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Yes but will it have TRANSFARRING?

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Absolution was fine. The weak point was really the story, but then again, Blood Money also had a poor excuse for a story so whatever.

Absolution raised the bar for replayability by giving players a means to construct different scenarios on their own but I feel like the contract creation could go much deeper, the system in that game definitely felt a little like it was bolted on afterwards and not created alongside the actual game. The different challenges and playstyles were also great fun.

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A limited beta test only in the United States... and then they expect to roll it out this summer everywhere?

That's quite the increase in bandwidth consumption and potential failures. Why do I have a feeling this will not go smoothly?