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No, just no.

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@quarters said:'s Postal but starring Jackie from The Darkness? Great, because that's what the world needs.

This was my thought.

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Uh oh, I guess Giant Bomb is gonna get added to the list of big bad corrupt SJW collaborators that must be boycotted.

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@ch3burashka said:

They really don't give a fuck about this, do they?

Doesn't look like it, no.

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Just be glad Destiny doesn't require attunement or any crap like that for raid content.

I guess they should also be thankful that gear in Destiny doesn't have durability, which is more often than not the bane of raiders. Die a dozen or so times and your equipment becomes useless.

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You know, if you really squint your eyes, the MH3U box art kind of looks like the one for Halo: Combat Evolved...

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@dagas said:

It is a kind of Real Life Simulation a decade before The Sims.

This was pretty popular back in the day. Everyone I knew had a *cough* copy of it.

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@brodehouse: If we continue with the school analogy, Ideally you'd have teachers or school police or something to kick those jackasses out. That isn't being provided right now, so the kids need to fend for themselves.

Like I said, shared blocklists are not a perfect tool. I'm not even sure they help a lot in this particular instance, but I don't blame folks for using them to deal with the enormous amounts of hate speech and abuse being flung at them through Twitter. If that sounds too authoritarian for your tastes then take a look at the #burgersandfries IRC logs. Over 3700 pages of chat dedicated to making Zoe Quinn's life as miserable as possible. And that's mostly just her. One person dealing with all that crap targeted at her.