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Hold for details? What happened to just pressing it?

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I like the Forbes review because the text itself seems completely unrelated to the final score. The author describes how Beyond is not really game and it's completely linear and there's not really any choice you get as a player and it's just a long cutscene and the story is kind of meh... but anyway, 9 out of 10!

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I've tried to get in so many times (Wow, it sure is annoying sitting through that intro cutscene, the legal disclaimer and the loading screens every time) but it always bugs out during the start of the first race.

Who thought making that thing mandatory was a good idea?

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My guess is that it's going to be even worse in a few hours for the live stream with all the people coming back from work.

Yes, for sure. It is only going to get worse.

The server outage is not entirely surprising. The Xbox 360 version alone has over 5 million leaderboard entries.

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This is still broken. I've made a character like four times now, I always end up stuck in the lobby for the initial race you're forced into (Mall or Nothing).

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Do not play Jak 2 on the Vita, seriously. You will most likely throw it at the wall after failing one of the numerous unfair missions, and many of them have really shitty checkpoints - and some of the especially difficult ones have none at all.

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My points are gone but I have no actual money on my account in place of them.

Thanks, Microsoft.

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Good thing the Classic mode is in there. Spies with guns sounds so stupid.

Not sure how I feel about Mercs lacking the spin... it was pretty easy to abuse it, so maybe it's good they took it out. Still a really good move to have when you know a Spy is really close but you're unable to see him.

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I may only have known Ryan through Twitter and Giant Bomb... but I'm sad as hell over this.

I can't even imagine how it must feel for his friends and family.

This is such an awful day.

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One of the greatest folks in the industry. RIP.