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The thing with Spyro is that it doesn't use the dual analog Halo-style controls that every first/third person game uses today. It used that annoying "smart" camera with L2/R2 rotation that was common at the time. That's why I'd avoid any game from the N64/PS1 generation: they're annoying and don't teach modern 3D controls.

Portal can be played to completion in one sitting, it's as short as games get.

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What a disaster. I didn't realize that people who don't play games basically can't use dual analog controllers.


I can't believe people are actually suggesting Dark Souls, anyone who's truly new at games will be overwhelmed and quickly give up.

If you want to get someone into games who's never held a controller before should at the very first learn how to use a controller. What you need is a game where you can move around without having to think about things such as timing.

Portal is the perfect game for an absolute beginner. From the start of the game you can just move around learning the controls, which, apart from the dual analog movement of any first person game, are extremely simple. There's almost no timing and no punishment involved in the whole game, so you won't ever get frustrated. The rules of the game are very simple and are laid out at the start. And besides all that, it's a great short game so anyone can finish it.

After that it's Skyrim; first on an easy difficulty and, as the player gets more experienced, he can turn up the difficulty up to a medium setting. The game is long enough that the player will get enough experience to make this possible. Skyrim is very simple and repetitive, and it can easily last over 100 hours so a newbie will get plenty of experience. It has huge breadth but I find it's not really deep, which is perfect for someone who wants to learn a lot. And after Skyrim I think you can play anything (except Dark Souls, please not Dark Souls).