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so whoever sent in that question last week, asking to name that tune... i think i found your answer. check out the youtube link below.

you can thank me later. with pizza.

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you're lucky Miranda died in your playthrough. I was in a passionate relationship with her in my game which survived the final assault. then mass effect 3 comes along and I'm expecting to pick that relationship back up right where we left it... not only wasn't Miranda playable, but she wasn't even on the ship. In fact, she was off on some story arc involving her sister for the whole game, which we couldn't do together because it was "something she had to do alone".

so if you chose Tali to romance, congratulations, that was the right answer. If you felt a connection with Jack, Miranda or Jacob, you get about ten lines of dialogue for your efforts in the previous game, and some excuse as to why they can't join your party. geez, thanks a lot. way to let me follow through with my 'choices'.

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@Veektarius said:

I recommend the Peculiar Pub if you're into fancy beers. Great selection there. Not much of a concert venue but a great stepping stone on a barhopping tour.

awesome, thankyou sir
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@TooWalrus: I've ragged on Letterman's audience WAY too much to now become a part of it! hehe... Im more of a Bill Maher guy, but that would get a little heavy live I'd imagine. jon stewart would be awesome, ill check that out :)
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@Chabbs0: its not cheap! $250 a ticket, and thats the cheap seats, waaay up the back. Broadway is like... intense.  btw, love your karl pilkington avatar ^^
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@GetEveryone: totally man, one of my fav movies of all time is the Dark Crystal, apparently there are skesis (the scary bird/dinosaur things) and other stuff from the movie. it will be amazing
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@JJOR64: ill check it out, cheers man
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hey lads 
im going to New York in October (2nd) and I am looking for some recommendations while Im there. 
my loves are games, music (rock!), comedy/good standup (gervais, stanhope, louisCK) , movies/tv... your typical dude. 
there are two things I want to do when in NYC: 
1- see the Book of Mormon 
2- see the Jim Henson exhibit ( 
if there is anything you think a punter like myself would be interested in, I would love to hear about it. 
ALSO! - i would really appreciate some recommendations for good/decent/cheap hotels/motels 
 ANYTHING you can think of, I want to hear it. 

thanks guys 

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Congrats on not dying this year! You're winner
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if you like games, and are reading this, you NEED to grab Frozen Synapse off steam if you haven't already. it is amazing. 
i don't know you and you don't know me, but we have 2 things in common: 
1 - we both hate people that get the words "there" , "they're" and "their" mixed up and.. 
2 - we both (will) love Frozen Synapse. 
i need more dudes to play with, because I'm getting frustrated by all the 'incomplete' games that are piling up in my queue from people just leaving or what not. 
if you're suffering the same way as I am, lets buddy up on steam and get some complete games happening. bo selecta. 
steam id: robeywan

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