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the only way to write something is by inserting an HTML code.

which is what I'm doing now. When I click on the message box, nothing happens

thought I would say something because the site looks beautiful on the device and browsing, reading posts, just can't easily post!

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@j_drace said:
" @Burns098356GX said:
" PS3 has been the biggest let down out of any console I've ever owned. "
@Burns098356GX: You must have not owned a Wii.  I camped out for 21 hours to purchase one on launch and was sick for the next week and the purchase was never justified.  The only good game on it is Zelda.  I'm tired of all of this Mario shit already.  People are complaining about how Microsoft needs to leave HALO yet no one talks about Mario and his trash.  Super Smash Bros. had the potential to be good, but Melee is miles ahead of it.  All they release are Mario rehashes. "
Funny thing is, Zelda was a gamecube game :)
I do like the Mario games though, everything else is trash.
Back on topic,
Dude if you have an Xbox already, get a PS3 and start watching some Blu-Rays and playing some exclusives. It's a no brainer.
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@girdz said:
" @FuzzYLemoN said:
" Wait... your 360 isn't even broken? This is a no brainer, then! Buy a PS3. "
This "
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Emulators detect any joypad that's attached to the pc. When you plug in your 360 controller it detects it as a joypad thus it'll work on the emulator. To test it and assign keys to the joypad go to the input settings in your emulator. You might need a driver for the controller depending on your version of windows but that where google comes to play. I've played Ocarina of Time, Banjo Kazooie and others with a 360 controller that I bought just for my PC (i don't own a 360).

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Actually, with white I find the site to be more friendly and I visit it more. Black while I agree it's cool, I think it fits the dark angry teenager population of the site better.  
The white has very slick shades of grey and a nice mix with the black and red elements. Which as a web designer I truly enjoy.

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While Darksiders seems pretty good, I would be more interested in Bayonetta because of 2 things:
1 - It looks unique.
2 - Playboy is currently running a competition on the sexiest Bayonetta.

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@Video_Game_King: My brother is coming to live with me in a couple weeks, I'm going to save that one to play with him daily. Just like the good ol' 64 days.
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@armaan8014: hah. fancy yellow links. I thought it wouldn't work with multiple replies, that's why I didn't click it. And yes. I've decided to start the Witcher today! I'll report back next week on the progress. =) Thanks!
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@Atlas Thanks! I like the idea of playing the casual games first as they are easier to do and yes all I've been doing lately is working and watching tv and I usually watch whole seasons in 1 day for a mediocre finale and don't get much out of it.
@Barrock Yes sir I'll skip those MMOs, I actually did get them when they came out, which is the sole reason I got them. I read too many video game sites and got involved in the hype for each of them.
@FartyMcNarly oh gawd, I haven't listened to music since 2003. Is she at least hot?
@DanielJW Too late. I have actually finished Peggle in DS, PC (all versions, twice) and iPhone.
@Stang If I could only have good timing...
@JJOR64 Yes!
@Siris Thanks for the tip. I'll consider it.
@armaan84 That's the one I have. phew.
@EVO you're right. My problem is that I've reached the point where I got so many (and I don't plan to stop buying) that my head explodes trying to think which ones to play.
@fugie7 I like that list. Thanks!
All of you, thanks for taking your time to reply. I think all I needed was a little motivation!

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 Comcast has Verizon Fios competition here.