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Halo 3: Run of the mill. 0

Halo 3. This game by far is over hyped. The only reason it is liked so much is for it's storyline and Prequels, the MP on the other hand, is horrible.SinglePlayerPros Good storyline, deep in detail. A good  10 hours of play, for the typical gamer. Cons Doesn't give much of a backstory for MasterChief. I swear, fighting the last "boss" is like having a fist-fight with a retarded kid in a wheel chair. MultiPlayer Pros ...

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Gears of War: Goodbye 0

I am Writing this review in rememberance of Gears of War.Gears 2 will be coming on Nov. 7th, Good bye Gears.-----------------------------------------------------------------------Gears of War-The Campaign is only 10- hours for Experienced 3 person Shooter Players, but those hours will have you on your feet, rolling into cover, straying from the dark, and ducking your head from Longshot Rounds(Sniper Rifle).You play as Marcus Fenix, who loyaly fought Locust Scum for years, only to be inprisoned f...

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