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I'm a minority and to be completely honest, yeah, I was a little disappointed a minority or woman didn't get one of the gigs with GB. Just because it would have mixed things up a bit and provided a much needed different perspective. Especially given how much that lack of diversity in the gaming/games journalism world comes up around here. It just kind of feels like a bit of a missed opportunity and a case of "actions > words" to my more cynical side.

All that said, my cynical side is a dick...the more rational side of me knows it is certainly not GiantBomb's fault. Because I'm never...ever going to demand or try to force a company to hire someone of a specific gender or race. That is not giving everyone a fair shot. That's almost a different style of discrimination done under the guise of 'ensuring diversity.'

Instead, I simply trust GiantBomb to hire the most qualified individuals possible, regardless of race or gender. And I feel that's exactly what they did here. If it happens to be two more white dudes, so be it.

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I'm not really seeing a segment on that list where a Kirby remake and yet another Mario spinoff should be. "Most Nostalgic?" "Least Original Platformers?"

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Awesome! I've been needing to replace my old, well-used USB 360 controller. It's literally held together with painter's tape (it was the only tape I had), superglue, and a spare screw from an old Gateway laptop I don't even have anymore.

And this is probably the only way I'll ever own an XBO controller anytime in the foreseeable future.

Also, it is exceptionally stupid that Microsoft--makers of Windows, in case anyone on the planet forgot--did not have a PC driver for this controller before it even showed up in stores.

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After watching some streams of the 'multiplayer' it was the first thing I turned off when I started playing. It really just seems like a pointless distraction that would quickly become a nuisance. I love multiplayer in sandbox games. Hell, I haven't even gotten halfway through GTA V's campaign because I just got hooked on the multiplayer and never looked back. But Watch_Dogs is sort of phoning it in, in my opinion. Pun not intended, but welcome.

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If I didn't have it pre ordered I probably wouldn't have bought it. That's what I get for trusting pre orders again after swearing them off.

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Definitely going to miss him on Quick looks/UPFs with the crew. Hopefully he at least calls/Skypes in for the Bombcasts. Part of me feels Vinny is too integral a member of the main crew to have him off in New York doing his thing without leaving a considerable hole to fill back at the West coast studio. But I also fully understand his side of the situation.

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Whaaaaaat!?!? NOBODY saw this coming! Whew! Way to shake things UP!!

Yeah, sorry, I can't even act surprised. Although I am legitimately happy to hear this. I never finished it on PS3 and was worried I never would if I got a PS4 (I have a habit of never going back to old games/consoles). Just based on the half of the game I played, I'd buy a remastered version in a heartbeat...well, the heartbeat after I sell the original for a few bucks to put towards it, at least.

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Nothing at all against Patrick, but I would love to hear thoughts on this deal from Jeff or other game journalism/industry vets.

Were there some knee-jerk emotional reactions? Of course.

Are there some very real concerns? Absolutely.

Of course they say all the right things. But this is an unprecedented move for them. This isn't Instagram or What'sApp.

The concern isn't necessarily of failure. But of the potential and very probable change in direction given the Rift's very early stage of development. Not even sweeping changes, but little tweaks here and there along the way.

We'll just have to wait and see. I won't be overly optimistic (as I was for the Rift before the deal) or pessimistic towards it.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one considering how close this announcement is to April 1st...but this unfortunately looks a wee bit too official. And when you're dealing with announcements of this nature with a publicly traded company you can't really mess around with week-long April Fool's Day jokes.

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I hope this isn't terrible news...but that's all it seems to be so far.

Look at how they talk about it in the announcement. They already don't fucking get it and appear to be gearing up to take it immediately off in the wrong direction.

The Rift was just building up enough steam to go toe-to-toe with Sony in a David vs. Goliath-esque battle that would shape the future of VR gaming and entertainment experiences much in the same way Google and its legion of manufacturers taking on Apple lead to a sort of phone and tablet renaissance.

Now we have the social network money machine looking for ways to shoehorn it into their shitty little world while promising to keep it at least tangentially related to gaming.

Welp...your turn, Morpheus.