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Whaaaaaat!?!? NOBODY saw this coming! Whew! Way to shake things UP!!

Yeah, sorry, I can't even act surprised. Although I am legitimately happy to hear this. I never finished it on PS3 and was worried I never would if I got a PS4 (I have a habit of never going back to old games/consoles). Just based on the half of the game I played, I'd buy a remastered version in a heartbeat...well, the heartbeat after I sell the original for a few bucks to put towards it, at least.

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Nothing at all against Patrick, but I would love to hear thoughts on this deal from Jeff or other game journalism/industry vets.

Were there some knee-jerk emotional reactions? Of course.

Are there some very real concerns? Absolutely.

Of course they say all the right things. But this is an unprecedented move for them. This isn't Instagram or What'sApp.

The concern isn't necessarily of failure. But of the potential and very probable change in direction given the Rift's very early stage of development. Not even sweeping changes, but little tweaks here and there along the way.

We'll just have to wait and see. I won't be overly optimistic (as I was for the Rift before the deal) or pessimistic towards it.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one considering how close this announcement is to April 1st...but this unfortunately looks a wee bit too official. And when you're dealing with announcements of this nature with a publicly traded company you can't really mess around with week-long April Fool's Day jokes.

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I hope this isn't terrible news...but that's all it seems to be so far.

Look at how they talk about it in the announcement. They already don't fucking get it and appear to be gearing up to take it immediately off in the wrong direction.

The Rift was just building up enough steam to go toe-to-toe with Sony in a David vs. Goliath-esque battle that would shape the future of VR gaming and entertainment experiences much in the same way Google and its legion of manufacturers taking on Apple lead to a sort of phone and tablet renaissance.

Now we have the social network money machine looking for ways to shoehorn it into their shitty little world while promising to keep it at least tangentially related to gaming.

Welp...your turn, Morpheus.

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Yay update(s)! I wanted to play through all the tiers again first but I've decided to just say screw it and join yall again. I've got terrible luck getting in while the server is up though.

And honestly given the nature of the update, being more of a back-end thing than anything else, I probably won't be playing all that much quite yet. I'd rather not get too burnt out.

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I recently started playing this again after maybe a year or two. I never got super into it before but Starbound rekindled my appetite for builders and I gotta say, I'm actually enjoying this quite a bit.

I'll echo Nodderly's sentiments though. Much of my interest in the game is around survival mode. I love building fortresses, traps, hidden rooms, farms, etc. and fighting to make it through the night without half my shit being blown away. Even if I'm just looking for a chill night in peaceful mode figuring out the game's mechanics, exploring, or scrounging for materials, that's where the fun is for me. There's gotta be at least some basic challenge to it or I'll get burnt out.

As a result, I've avoided playing online. Most servers seem to be either modded to all hell at this point or so established that they exist essentially as all you can eat buffets for gear and materials.

But if this server still welcomes some good old fashioned survival mode, I'm interested. PM sent.

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Yeah I forgot I recommended Starrybound here otherwise I'd have removed the post earlier. Please disregard it and do NOT use Starrybound (it has been since taken off the official site anyway). The team at Chucklefish says there are proper server tools on the way.

I'm taking a bit of a break from the game for now. I found myself getting pretty burnt out and quickly running out of interesting mods to keep me going. Also, the impending "final wipe" has put me off of building anything too crazy or getting too attached to my character.

I'll probably be right back in it after the next patch. Which could be sometime this week, based on earlier posts from the developers.

Thanks a ton, Karsh! I definitely appreciated your dedication to keeping the server up and running and backed up.

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So I don't really know much about running a server, and doing it from home probably wouldn't work with the amount of music and video streaming I do. But let's say I paid for a server for a month. Would I be able to transfer our universe to that server via FTP or something?

I'd be wiling to do that for now. But probably only a month or so if the popularity continues to wane a bit in this beta. The "final" wipe is supposed to happen in a week or two anyway. And restoring the world may not be possible or advisable after that happens anyway.

Although I would like to find a way to save the GiantBomb Bomb dude I put over the base. It came out better than I hoped it would. There are a couple mods that might let me.

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A new planetary rail system has been built with routes circling the planet or to the core. Possibly with an asteroid route coming soon.

I'm also dropping by to beef up the base every now and then when I get bored enough to start building.