• robohasi posted a message on the post E3 2016: Strap on a Snowboard, Skiis, Paraglider, or Wingsuit in Steep.

    Not to meme too much, but Steep looks like it has a lot of similarities to the Skate series. If they manage to capture the feeling of backcountry snowboarding/skiing, this game could be super cool, bu...

  • robohasi posted a message on the post Demo Derby: Official PlayStation Magazine: Issue 85.

    That leader of the grey team at the end is like the real live version of Michael Scott. Watching that was like a deleted episode of The Office where they end up at E3.

  • robohasi posted a message on the post Giant Bombcast 09/01/2015.

    I'm only on Metal Gear Scanlon 3 and I want to avoid spoilers for 3/4/5. Can I listen to this bombcast without getting the past games spoiled?

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    Calling the location "Southern Europe" instead of one country is very strange because the countries aren't very connected (unless they plan to do Spain/Portugal or some travel system). Hopefully Greec...