Which game should I play first?

I have many unplayed games and a whole long weekend. Yet I am still playing Battlefield 3.

Why? Because I can't bring myself to start a new game, so I just keep doing what I'm doing. But now that I have a long weekend and lots of time to play, I really have to move on. But then, which one? That's what I am asking you. What was your favorite of this list, and why should I play it:

  • Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Bastion
  • Orcs Must Die!
  • Torchlight

I generally tend to like RPG's the most because of the story and the leveling. I don't really like shooters, but I liked Battlefield for the strategy and teamwork.


My first blog!

Hello, my name is Robohasi, and I am a young gamer, who plays Xbox because I can't really afford much else.

I am writing my first blog post, because I am exploring this site. I realize that nobody will probably ever read this, so I am basically talking to myself. I don't really know what to write in a blog, so I will just write what games I have been playing over the past month or so, and what I think of them.


I got this game because my friends and I were having lots of fun in the demo, and there was some hardcore competition going on between us. Except I was the only one who bought the game (Some have got it now, but I am currently busy with other games.) I think the game is great. The graphics aren't very amazing, but the environments are well designed and different. This is my first time playing SSX so I love the massive jumps and crazy tricks. I think the Global Events are great, but more as a way to earn money than as a form of multiplayer (that feeling when it tells you you will earn 5 million credits this night). I think both Race It and Trick It are awesome, but Survive It not so much. It is fun in the campaign, but nothing to set highscores on and play millions of times. Ridernet is also a great addition, except I could not really try it because I was playing with some random people I met on Reddit, and beating their score didn't give me much satisfaction. A few things I don't like are the lack of multiplayer, and the fact that alternating the "Blackbird" and "All You Can Eat" tricks is the best way to get high scores, so that you don't really get to vary tricks. Also, my game crashed in the first week, and I lost all of my progress of about 20 hours.

Mass Effect 3

This is a very controversial one. I loved the first two and was very excited to play this and finish the fight. However, partly because of the ending controversy, I got sucked into the multiplayer. Even though I slowly progressed through the single-player campaign, that is what I played most, to my own surprise. The single player was still great. The story was good (more on the ending later), the gameplay is improved and the graphics look nice, even on Xbox. I think the war assets are a good way of putting all your choices together in a clear way, even though it sometimes seems a little lazy, to change all this big "branching decisions" into number values. The ending didn't do much for me. It lacked closure and felt random, and I wish there was a better ending, but I didn't run to the internet and started putting my money into charities, because I was so desperate. Another thing I didn't like was that the game was very human centric. *SPOILER* There were no new alien squad members (my favorite thing about ME2) and everyone kept talking about having to save earth, despite the whole galaxy being in danger. This was disappointing since I really like exploring fiction and backstory (which the codex is great for, by the way.)

The multiplayer is amazing. It is not a very balanced, deep or competitive multiplayer, but the teamwork element is strong and it is a lot of fun to experiment with new class and race combos. The unlocks keep you wanting more and I was even tempted to buy a Spectre pack using MSP's. However, I think this is an unlock system very much in favor of Bioware. We have to keep spending more and more to get items we 80% of the time don't care about. It is a smart business decision that probably allowed for the free Resurgence DLC, but it is frustrating at times. I do enjoy the challenges that come out each weekend, and I think it is a great way to keep the community going.


I have not been playing much other games, except for a bit of the new Battlefield 3 patch (hired a server and had a great time playing with my friends in private matches), Trials Evolution (not much to say about this; It's Trials, basically), the new Kairosoft game: "Epic Astro Story" (These names get more generic with every release), and exploring this website (the quests are a great way to quiz my gaming knowledge!)

I just spent thirty minutes writing a wall of text that nobody will ever bother to look at. But it was worth it!