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Calling the location "Southern Europe" instead of one country is very strange because the countries aren't very connected (unless they plan to do Spain/Portugal or some travel system). Hopefully Greece will be in it because the beautiful scenery here deserves to be shared around the world.

Also thank god for the 360 release because I'm not planning on buying the XBONE any time soon...

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I live in Greece, and I get 5 down, 0,5 up according to speedtest. I have asked several times to raise it, but according to them this is the "24 mb/s" subscription and the best they can provide, even though I live in the center of Athens.

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1. Mark of the Ninja

2. Orcs Must Die! 2

3. Torchlight 2

4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

5. Dirt 2

6. L. A. Noire

7. Bioshock

8. The Walking Dead

9. FTL

10. Warhammer: Dawn of War II

I'll add you as soon as I can. Thank you for making my premium membership count, I'm more of a lurker so I'm not even close to 100 posts. I can still give some games if you want but they are pretty worthless (I have a copy of Frozen Synapse, Magicka and Luxor in my inventory, even though I don't even know what that last one is XD).

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I have many unplayed games and a whole long weekend. Yet I am still playing Battlefield 3.

Why? Because I can't bring myself to start a new game, so I just keep doing what I'm doing. But now that I have a long weekend and lots of time to play, I really have to move on. But then, which one? That's what I am asking you. What was your favorite of this list, and why should I play it:

  • Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Bastion
  • Orcs Must Die!
  • Torchlight

I generally tend to like RPG's the most because of the story and the leveling. I don't really like shooters, but I liked Battlefield for the strategy and teamwork.

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@mordukai: Does this work composite to component, because the description implies that it is only component to composite.

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@Toxeia: I only get black and white signal when I try this from my Xbox to my TV. Are you sure this works?

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I heard Gears of War 3 was pretty hard with the Seriously 3.0 achievement that required you to get all medals, but there are still people that got that. Does anybody know of any uncompleted games out there?

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I want to use my capture card to digitalize my old video tapes. The camera I use only has yellow out for video, and my capture card only has the triple component. Are there any cheap (<50$, preferably, can be more if necessary) converters that do this? Quality doesn't matter, the tapes are pretty low res anyway.

This is probably not the right forum, but I don't see where else to put this, and I really want this question answered.

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Well I geiss at least someone read it now...
@Ikaronotekken you buy a so called "spectre pack" which is similar to a booster pack in a card game. You pay, you get several cards, a few common, some uncommon and a rare. You don't know what it will be. They might be duplicates or a sniper but you only play shotguns.

Thanks for the welcome everyone, I hope to have a good time here on the forums!

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OH GOD this wasn't supposed to end up on the forums what have I done how do I delete this?

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