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I want a game where Godzilla fights Nazis.

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Going to miss you on the Bombcast Vinny!

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@yummylee: Maybe not for YOU MAYBE BUT THIS IS MY LIFE! My sad, sad life....

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How sad is it I knew that was a screenshot of the Thing from the front page picture link to this article?

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Does this mean a totally new duder for quick looks, bombcasts, and the like?

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Framing Crane? Cutting of heads? It's the Headless Horseman! I'm saying it now, even if other people have said it before!

Also I've been playing Bigby as a guy trying to fix his ways in light of seeing how everyone hates him. Violence is an option but I'm not killing anyone, if that "non-lethal" play through keeps going during the next few episodes, it remains to be seen :P

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This is awesome duders, I'll be sure to join in and donate.

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So someone IS making 1313!

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@nightriff: I've been going through them too in the past year at a new job. During some of the hardest laughs throughout all the years the realization comes to me that he won't be in this week's newest Bombcast. It's just amazing how the nerve is still so raw.

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@christaran: I'd say a bank, or a global chemical company, or a million other companies are a lot less trust worthy than Facebook, an optional service.