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Try League of Legends. It's a bit less arcane in its' mechanics than DOTA2. It's free and the co-op vs. bots modes give you great exposure to the game without having to worry about people raging. If you like that enough, try stepping up to player vs player in LoL or DOTA2.

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Only because I love you, Jeff.

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That's really dumb in a way I am completely into.

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Oh, and those old viral marketing Cortana messages have lots of allusions to Marathon.

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I think at one point Halo was actually meant to be part of the Marathon mythos. They've obviously diverged now, but if you look at the very early Halo 1 stuff (pre-Microsoft) you can see lots of story similarities, especially with the battleroid story terminals in Marathon. Alex Seropian once infamously stated (and later retracted) that Master Chief and the Guard are the same person.

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My sub was a gift from last Christmas. As of right now, I would not pay to resub. Maybe in the future if premium content becomes a priority again.

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Having been a huge fan of the guys for many years, I feel like I can safely make the assertion that I would never trust any of them to run a lemonade stand, let alone the country.

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HAR. You Europeans don't know what hot is! Here in the American south it was 100+F/39+C for several weeks straight this summer. When it finally cooled off to 90F/32C it was like winter had come early.

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Ghoul Danny Trejo in New Vegas and Wrex in ME were mandatory as far as I'm concerned. Inversely, I will never use a party member voiced by Raphael Sbarge.

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If the game can get me to connect with the characters it can effect me immensely. Games that come to mind are Red Dead Redemption(dat ending), Persona 4(NO I'M NOT IN LOVE WITH A VIDEOGAME ANIME HIGHSCHOOL GIRL), Deadly Premonition(bizarrely), Mass Effect(kinda only for Garrus+Wrex+Anderson), GTA4(felt so bad for Niko by the end), Fable 2(dog death), and Bastion(Fuck you Rucks and your goddamn voice making me cry every time).