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I'll miss you on the Bombcast VInny, but I hope this goes well for you!

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I lost 23 thousand last night, before that the most had been 5 thousand.

Spoiler free version: Earned it all on the way to a really tough boss fight and died, so I became human to summon someone,then I was invaded and died before a I could get through the fog.

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I break off the pieces and eat them one by one, letting them melt in my mouth. It's the only way I enjoy it

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Blue with Charmander, Squirtle was ok but he was what my older brother chose. Plus I love fire, and burning shit seemed effective to me.

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@kingpk: Thank you, I had seen this a while ago and I lost the bookmark. It will come in handy.

As for the topic, I do like the idea of being able to watch quicklooks with others and chat, premium or not, but realistically I don't see it happening.

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RIP Ryan there are no words, I will miss you, thank you for everything you've done.

My condolences.

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I bought the new leaf xl, as an upgrade from my Zelda 3DS and I've been enjoying it.

There isn't anything I miss about the original 3DS, I like that the 3D slider stays off and clicks to off so it stays there. The 3D is superior and seems to be easier on my eyes.

And as a guy with big hands they don't start to cramp up as much when I hold the 3DS XL, it can get uncomfortable if I've been marathoning animal crossing. But no where near as bad as with the original 3DS, and cramps happen after far more time if they happen at all.

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I went with yes. Although all I can think of is Animal Crossing and it's all I'll need for the month

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I don't really feel like I'm more than competent, but at the same time I feel like for the most part I do well online, usually at or towards the top. Though I imagine it's built to feel that way, if I felt like I always lost I probably wouldn't play, and I probably remember victories better than losses.

I guess I have no clue, but I highly doubt I could be a pro.