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Twice. One was in the Dead Space 2 multiplayer and they pointed out my suit was the special dlc suit I think, and the other was a psn game lead and gold.

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Thanks for everything Patrick and good luck, I know he'll be back soon. On a side note, not trying to start anything but just curious as to why Rorie keeps getting left out?

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Pizza cakes all day, with different toppings every time so I get the best of everything!

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GOTY: Captain Toad

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I lifted for a few years off and on and have been trying a calisthenic workout recently and seeing what exercises I like best. So far I've been enjoying that especially since I've saved a bunch not going to the gym and can do the majority of it at home. I have a bench and stuff at home but it sucks not having a spotter. What I personally have to work on now is my diet and cardio. I have a physical job and high metabolism so in order to bulk anything I have to consistently eat a lot which is actually harder than I thought it would be, and I just have to run more which I'll get around to but it's getting cold out and I don't mix well with that. Would be fun to workout with you duders but not sure I'd be able to follow the routine exactly.

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That would be cool getting a chance to meet everyone. I'm a short drive away in Jersey so I only go every now and then and this would be something fun to come out to.

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What he wrote was so great as well and I'm glad he's going back home. Now Carmelo just needs to stay with New York and all will be right.

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R.I.P in piece duder, thank you for all the years.

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I'll be at work during the xbox one but I'll be home for the playstation one. Anyone know the best way to follow it live on my phone on like a liveblog or something like that? Or should i just check gaf or the forums every 15 minutes.

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Best of luck to you, your family and the whole crew can't wait to see what comes next! And as someone who lived in Queens, has moved to Jersey and still visits the city fairly regularly, the chances that I can see a wild Vinny in the wild makes me pretty excited!