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Hey I'll be there! I'll be coming in from Jersey so should be about an hour drive or so.

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I still have a Samsung Gravity.

Hey me too! Does everything I need it to which is text and talk. Not that I'm against a smartphone but it's just a bunch of luxuries that I don't really need and are just distractions and time wasters. I actually made a post about this earlier but I'm perfectly fine with my basic phone.

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I'm still rockin a samsung gravity so as someone who still in the position you were in I'd just go for whatever you can get for cheap and has some good reviews. I'm not into any social media and am not interested in any mobile games, having the power to look up anything anytime is cool but a lot of times it's not that important and for stuff that are chances are someone around me can just tell me. And for music I just use my old nano, even at 23 and as computer savvy as I am I'm still old school about a lot of things so I'd say anything is an improvement so just find something that works and you'll be fine. If you find yourself wanting a certain feature or OS then you'll have a better idea of where to go next.

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Yup about 5 days a week of lifting. Just started a new routine of 3 days upper body, 2 days lower and core. I try and watch what I eat as well, I can pretty much eat anything I want but I try to avoid fast foods and stuff like that. With my metabolism, work and lifting it's really hard for me to bulk so I've got to eat about 3-4000 calories a day if I want to see any gains which I don't get to as often as I want. So I've been trying out a new supplement which gives a shake about 2000 calories, 300g of carbs and maybe 70g of protien... which is a lot. And in the summer I'm going to try and add some cardio as well.

It's been weird for me growing up never fully fitting into a group and just bouncing around. I play sports and work out to stay pretty muscular and am tall so it's easy for me to look threatening. But at the same time I'm just a big nerd who's into games and anime, but then listen to 90s hip hop, some electronic and I don't wear clothes that put me into a specific style. The list could go on but everyone just says it's hard to stick me into a specific group which is both good and bad I think. Sure I'm versatile but that just means I'm never 100% with a certain thing and by judging you at first glance people wouldn't know I can talk to them about anything from lifting to persona to golden era rap.

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I wake up at 4:30 every morning anyway so looks like a sign I should get one! Does anyone know the size of the poster though?

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We fucking did it praise Lord Helix!! On to gen 2 now!!

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R.I.P. Dux :(

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I still can't fathom how they beat the ship, got cut, used cut, switched the trash cans, beat surge, and cut the tree again... But now will be probably the hardest part, going through the cave without flash. I think this may be where it'll end unfortunately.

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