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So I beat the game and started my NG+ but I seem to have run into a problem that kind of breaks the game unless I'm completely missing something. My setup when I beat the game didn't involve any direct damage skills like Breach or Crash in the active slots. So when I started NG+, I beat the first mob the game throws at you, then the transistor tells you to move east through an alley or something along those lines. Only problem is there is a wall of those breakable sections in the way.

First time through the game you can use crash to break them down and continue on; in my NG+ I do not have a single skill that can damage/break those walls down. I've spammed everything I have at the walls and had no luck whatsoever. Has anyone else run into this issue? Any suggestions? I can't change out any of my skills and I can't do anything to move on and it's frustrating me that Supergiant would have overlooked something like this.

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I wish I could remember the exact conversation between Aveline and Isabela but at one point Isabela is asking Aveline how it was to have sex again after marrying Donnic and says something along the lines of how was it to be "put ass over head and pounded like a rusty nail"
I laughed for 5 minutes, could not believe id just seen that

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hmmm might be interested assuming that my psp didnt mysteriously break a couple months ago

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was thoroughly unimpressed by what they showed at the conference. the navigation stuff especially seemed just "meh." lack of a price announcement as well makes me think that maybe that $150 stuff was true which puts this firmly in the Hell No category for me

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36) Even when youve spent the entire time killing gods, for some reason youre still going to spend most of your time searching for the power to kill a god.....

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@emkeighcameron said:
" New Game+ is nice when you play on Insanity "
errrr what? new game + is terrible for insanity....lowest enemies start with fully upgraded weapons and everything and just wreck you and your party in no time
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While i generally love Jenny Hale in whatever role she is doing, I kind of hate the voice she uses for FemShep. Meer certainly has some problems with his performance but I still prefer him as Shepard

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carrying over a "Rich" ME1 toon and starting a second playthrough(or third, whichever gives you the bonus cash at the start) allows you to buy every upgrade. I dont know why you were buying the bypass upgrades as doubling the time you get to hack stuff seems a huge waste
EDIT: Guess i should note that you need tto do pretty much every quest to have enough credits when starting a game with the 2 bonuses to credits

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Collector ship on insanity is easily the hardest part of the game ive encountered on Insanity. The scion would instagib my teammates almost immediately no matter what I did and the Infiltrator runs into some ammo problems if its just Shepard trying to solo it. Don't remember how i got past it finally but it took a long time and much swearing and then much rejoicing when I finally beat it

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I played through the game the first time on Veteran with an imported adept, didnt find it to be too terribly hard so i tried my next playthrough on Insanity with the same character. Lord was that a huge mistake. Adepts are pretty useless for insanity, at least for a second playthrough where you're already 30 and everything from the first mission on starts with all their weaps fully upgraded while almost all adept powers dont have any effect until shields/armor are whittled down. I found myself laying low pretty much only casting Warp while trying to rely on my teammates to do most of the killing. Those of you who have done Insanity know that relying on the teammates to do anything is a surefire way to hate the game.
So I stopped that Insanity playthrough and started a fresh Soldier on Hardcore. Loved the Soldier class a lot, didnt have much problems getting through any one section of the game really. So I started a new Insanity playthrough taking a lot of people's advice and using an Infiltrator imported from ME1. Its gone pretty well, started rough but as things get upgraded the fights get a little less lopsided. The final fight in the Grunt recruitment was probably the hardest encounter Ive had. Died a ton before I settled on a strategy that worked(wait out the Krogans til they're done spawning then work the mech then the merc leader). 
The thing that really surprised me about my Insanity playthrough has been the Horizon mission. I thought for sure it was going to make me hate the game with a passion after seeing so many people say how ridiculous it is. It only took me a couple of attempts to get through, though I was soloing most of it cause its nigh impossible to keep teammates up. The Collector Ship was the other infuriating sequence. The way the fighting in that part starts had me swearing at my TV a little bit lol.