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Don't know if anyone else noticed it, but listen to the music the first time you take your ship out of the hanger. very strongly reminded me of Firefly music

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on the one hand I do feel like they may have put themselves into a corner in regards to squad members and whatnot considering pretty much anybody from ME2 can be dead by the end. but bioware has known all along that this is a trilogy, i dont see them going ahead with ideas in the middle chapter despite the fact that they screw up the 3rd and likely biggest and most important chapter. I feel like they have a plan, we just dont know quite what that plan is at the moment. 
with regards to if i think decisions will have bigger impacts in ME3, i think they absolutely will. I think ME2 was them kind of getting introduced and comfortable with carrying information over from one game to the next. I think in ME3 you are going to see people having hugely different experiences depending on what decisions you made in the previous games. I think its going to be absolutely crazy epic and i cannot wait

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Favorite new character is definitely Mordin. He's so well fleshed out and the conversations you have with him regarding his past work are great! He doesn't bullshit around, he tells you he's done some horrible things and made decisions that he wishes he didnt have to make but no one else could be trusted with. He regrets his past but he knows that what he did was necessary to help not just the galaxy as a whole, but also the group that he hurt with his work.
Honestly though, I loved all of the characters except for Jacob, and even he was pretty good, just so cut and dry compared to the rest of the cast. Huge nod to BioWare for putting the best cast of characters I remember saving the world with in a videogame.

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@VelvetLore04 said:
" @LeBart said:
" @Grumbel said:
" but the outcome is completly independed of my choice, its just the game designer pulling a twist or in this case"
No it's not. You just have to select the right person for the job every time. If you select Grunt or Samara to go into the vent, when the game tells you that you need someone good with tech, then you cannot say the death of that character was random. Same thing with the squad leaders, you just need to pick someone suited for that role, and if you take the time to know your characters during the course of the game, the choice is easy.  The only spot where it's not obvious is with the escort. You can pick Tali or Grunt, but not Taylor or Thane. Not sure why. "
  I picked Taylor for the escort and everything went swimmingly. "
Yep, picked Jacob for the escort and everyone lived....guess it all isnt as cut and dry as you seem to think
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I thought i would try Insanity with my adept from my first playthrough....yea i gave that up, its just absolutely infuriating to try and wear down every single enemy's armor/barrier and then killing them, while the time it takes me to peak out of cover to cast warp costs me all my shields and 75% of my health. Ill be trying insanity using a different class cause Adept just doesnt seem well suited to handling everything thats going on, especially since practically all biotic powers except warp are useless until armor/shield/barrier is down but by then its not practical to use pull or singularity or whatnot on a vulnerable enemy when you can focus fire them down in a second anyway.

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ohhhh this should be interesting....been lookin forward to AC2 DLC

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Forever War
Ender's Game
Snow Crash
start there, anything else is lesser

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well this just made my friggin day....time to schedule a little bit of vacation time around this date
and yea, as if i didnt have enough games to playing, now i have to go back and make sure my save file from ME1 is ready to go for this one. has bioware announced if its just story choices that will be carried over? or will like attributes carry over to some degree as well. I cant imagine they would let me start ME2 with a fully souped up Biotic but hey, stranger things have happened

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i personally loved the work for Cole's voice in the original, just see my review of the game, i specifically point it out as a positive

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