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53. If you find yourself engaged in a battle with a huge fleshy virus monster thing, someone will eventually throw you a rocket launcher to kill it

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good scifi books eh? well Ill take credit for Subject2Change recommending Snow Crash cause im pretty sure i recommended that one to him years ago. other good'uns include:
The Forever War by Joe Haldeman
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card - or, as others have stated, the entire Ender's series though Ender's Game is the best of the bunch
Dune by Frank Herbert
Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, Sphere and most stuff by Michael Crichton
The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks
and most stuff by Philip K. Dick

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@Illmatic said:
" Grave of the Fireflies. I was watching it on my computer as my younger brother was watching the tv and had to pause the movie and lock myself in the bathroom so I wouldn't embarassingly cry in front of him. It was the first time since I was a child that I ever bawled that hard. I was honestly curled up on the floor sobbing into my hands. "
props to you sir for mentioning this one. I havent seen this movie in years and I remember that it absolutely killed me when i saw.

as far as a little more recently:
-the opening sequence in UP is heartbreaking in the extreme, as well as when Carl sees the rest of the book. Both had me crying
-Shawshank Redemption always gets me too when the camera is pulling back and Red and Andy finally meet up and hug
-and guaranteed tears from Return of the King and the Pelennor Fields. The spears scene before the Rohirrim ride, and Theoden's last scene with Eowyn
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@Tuggah said:
" shockingly his penis stayed in his boxers. "
see i was thinking the exact same thing, couldnt believe he managed to flail around like that and not have anything slip out into the open....and thats why im sure its fake, mustve done some preemptive duct-taping or worn some briefs under
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I totally agree, hearing about and watching MS conference didnt have me nearly as excited as the lineup that Sony showed off. As to why the GB staff didnt seem to care about the Sony conference, I cant help but notice that there is more than a little MS fanboy tendency with most of the staff

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I'm pretty sure they'll get the bad ending because the correct responses and whatnot you have to get didnt exactly seem the obvious choices for me on my playthrough and probably wouldnt be the obvious choices for most people

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Easy question:

-Every GTA game except for Vice City

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Nope, bought it on launch day,  completed the main story and have never touched the game since. While I did enjoy most of the game, I really dont get why a lot of people are so rabidly defensive about the game. GTA games, by and large, are amazing concepts with great content that dont deliver on gameplay at all. GTA4 drove me completely batshit with the driving controls and just how terrible practically every car in the game handled and while the shooting controls were vastly improved from previous entries, it still didnt feel right to me. Oh and dont get me started on the ending....dont know if this counts as spoilers anymore but to be safe ***SPOILER ALERT***....the fact that there was an ending where Kate died just absolutely fucking ruined the game for me. And not because I was so upset to lose her. In my playthrough I had seen Kate a couple times, tried dating her and couldn't get her to like me at all for some reason. So what happens? She dies and its supposed to be this huge fucking emotional scene but because of how my playthrough went, it fell absolutely flat and came across as just meaningless. Can't remember being more disappointed in a videogame ending.

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ummm, got stabbed through the hand by an idiot co-worker wielding a pair of plant pruners a couple summers ago. Interestingly enough it didnt hurt at first and just looked the inside of the Tauntaun from ESB. But 20 minutes later still sitting in the ER waiting room the pain kicked in....not fun at all

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So many accumulated moments over years of gaming. The first ones that pop into mind are

-Aerith's death in FFVII, still upsets me every time
-Gray Fox's appearance during MGS against Rex
-The very end of Dead Space, eventhough I was pretty sure that was coming, it still made me jump
-inFamous' ending. Pretty much the best 'JESUS CHRIST' moment in recent memory for me, and the best game ending in a while
-So many moments in MGS4. Getting a headache trying to unravel the plotline, the final fist fight and all its awesomeness, the fight at the end of act 4, the appearances after the voice acting credits and all that follows.
-MGS3 Sniper fight