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@sweep: or I could knock up some new ones, those old ones are rank.

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yeah, I know... I might try and get it removed cos at the moment I haven't got enough time to finish my videos what with other things going on in my sad sad existence :S I am trying however

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if anyone is interested I've found the "pre-airbrushed" image

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This is all sorts of awesome, I'm inspired, you've inspired me... damnit I have things to do....

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Cant wait to play this! haven't experienced it yet

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I've got it all UV'd and the last thing I did was bake the base textures. My girlfriend of 3 years is going away for 7 weeks today, so a) I've been less able to work on this/anything. and b) my productivity will shoot up.

wow, didn't know there was one, post when you find it

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Exactly, I also played Cloud (Jenova chen's student game?? I think?) when that first came out, and apart from the horrific controls, it shared a lot thematically with flower and subsequently journey.

I personally think they CANNOT bring another game out with the same sort of feel (like you said, story beats etc) as like you said Journey basically perfected flower. if they could use their ability to invoke feeling for something a bit different. I think that'd be a way to go. I think I make awesome pancakes, but I can't eat them every day.

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I love journey, don't get me wrong, and the ideas behind it et al. It's perfect at being the game that it is, and it wont be anything else...

HOWEVER, Another hour on top of it wouldn't have gone amiss, maybe longer in the first areas would have made the "drop" seem more potent. Thematically it's very much like flower and I felt a lot of the similar things happened in that (mood wise etc). It's superb, if a little short. All THATGAMECOMPANY's games are very consistant on style, and although it's what people want from their games, I think whatever they make next should be a) a longer more invested experience, and b) a little more outside their comfort zone.