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Krebswelte, by Cactus, awesome

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Feeder, The Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia, ... urrmm... Goldie Lookin' Chain :D

South Wales/Newport, UK

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stop giving me ideas...
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Cheers guys, sorry for not getting the next part up fast, I've literally (after procrastinating forEVER) just taken the footage today, and it's my day off tomorrow so that should hopefully be up late tomorrow

I'll try and respond to everyone on here, but sometimes I'm a bit late, so sorry about that:

Sorry for the lateness, I hadn't seen the shadows in silent hill, until I youtube'd it a minute ago. The shadows seem to be such a large part of that game I think it's only right they have such an overwhelming presence, still fairly disconcerting though (like any silent hill game then)

Brief??, hopefully the next one will be more succinct, and include a hamster...

thanks, I grow it myself (the beard that is), although I did shave it the other week and was devestated when I couldn't curl it as good :(

Cheers, like I said, hopefully tomorrow or day after, if not I am a bad person

oh god don't I know about the sound issues, I have a fairly decent mic but no pre-amp, and my voice is usually mumbly anyway, may put subtitles on the next one, (and speak louder), cheers for the offer though, maybe in the future .

these all seem like awesome topics. the first one I did was kinda impromptue, and hopefully the others will be more holistic and easy to cover, I also want to present them in slightly different ways each time.

There may be a fix but it'll take quite a re-haul of the renderer, lets hope so though

, , , Cheers fellas, I'll sort another one out asap,

yes, yes it could be

I'm in south wales, definitely not tranquil welsh air here. Audio will be sorted out soon, In the latest video I've just this minute recorded I've answered Sweep & Your question about unreal (but I must admit instead of researching and looking up specs and that, I've just theorised...)

this was going to be a video teaching that stuff, but I got distracted, will carry on showing in depth step by step moves etc in a few weeks.

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@CL60 said:

Yeah. I'll probably start using tutorials eventually, but for now I'm feeling good just fiddling with things on my own in my free time. I'm sure when I get more comfortable at it and start using tutorials I'll become a lot better.

I must admit now I'm modelling stuff for my own entertainment more than anything, my progress has started to increase a lot more. I like your outlook, don't get too bogged down.

oh , also, don't delete any of your work, that's a mistake that I've made in the past.

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Hey, absolutely great work to start off with, what is the resolution of the textures you are using currently.

I agree with use tutorials, or at least have them running in the background if they're videos, you may pick one or two things up that may be uber useful

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Cheers , not only for linking my model but for collating all the goods that I never knew existed :D

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Left: Low Poly, Right: High POly, Middle: Normal Mapped version

Test (TED talk) Pose and Test Bake with a low res normal map (512*512) and a rig that is ... well... arse. here's hoping can do something with the rigging :D (no pressure). Next I'll have to model the peripherals(shoe/glove/mask laces) Belt/Cape/Giantbomb Logo/ hair planes for his "mane". then I can start Texturing proper (this was done with a quick unwrella unwrap).

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Update, bit of work done on the gloves, and more wrinkles on the trousers, still need to work on the creases and overall design of the clothes, will try and add as many references as I can into it.

On the last real leg of sculpting, then I'll retopologise it into a game model and texture this mother.