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High Five!... Started work on the hands, and managed to COMPLETELY mangle them up before getting to this stage. bed now though; more to come late tomorrow.

Well like I said, once this is done I'm going to let people download and do what they want with it, so we never know

Noted, will do a selection nearer the time :)

Cheers, there's still a tonne of work to do though, thanks for the comment

Yeah, Totally. At the moment I'm still kinda just roughing out shapes, and that was going to be just fur going down to the body, but now if I'm making it in low poly I may try and create a fur shader (like shadow of the collosus/kinectimals) to cover that area instead, which means taking that bullky fur back a bit... which will be interesting. Keep the crits coming!

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Slight Progress on the shoes and fabric of his trousers, need to do a lot more and get some practice down, after that's done I'll concentrate on the arms and hands, then try to get it out of zbrush and into maya and put some shiny shaders and stuff, also try and get a good hair/fur shader written

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Yeah, no such luck I'm afraid :)

Even since seeing Will Smith wearing them I've wanted a pair!.

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OK, so the Feet and Hands are still pretty much untouched, so need the most work done on them, updated the trousers a little but haven't had any time today to do any major work on it. I'll post a more substantial update either tomorrow or tuesday. Going to get a tonne of references on that type of material for the folds etc.
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give me time to finish the model and rig it, I'll put it on my list as the first thing to animate

I'll grab the "inflate" brush

He currently has one, which I was going to put over his shoulder. I was going to texture it with an embossed whiskey media logo, although I'm not sure

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Cool critique here, I agree with the faun thing (I really should have turned safesearch off when googling minotaur :| ) The hands haven't been worked on at all, and the feet have changed quite a bit since I got rid of the toes. I'll post up probably later tomorrow, I should really be going to bed. The legs ARE undersized as I made the whole torso bigger cos the head was oversized... if that makes any sense

That's more like it!, I'm still not going to do that, I'm pretty certain I'm going to keep it human with wrestling shoes.

What I DO need though, is any designs for his cape, colour suggestions for his trousers or constume design in general, should he be wearing more of a singlet?,

I Think going into that I wasn't feeling it, so the end result COULD have been a lot better. I DO like these types of legs, and I recently had some of those jumping stilts so I know how they feel and should look,.. but It's just not for this character :) more suggestions would be cool though for general stuff. Cheers

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and Myself had this idea over on a blog post. sorry if a similar one has already been done. I searched but yeah.

Basically , a fighting game, like dong dong never die, but with all your favourite crew members from the whiskey media sites.

Only thing is, like any good chinese bootleg game, we'd need to get as much of the graphics from the giant bomb videos.

What would be the special moves of each crew member? and do you have a video/gif that backs it up?

I'm going to jump in with the obvious, a few punches and kicks from Ryan and Jeff and the infamous kick to the man's banandles:

any more>?

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Yeah, They are called Digitigrade because the weight is on the digits (or hoof in this case), will attempt to stick them in now before I carry on with any more high details. if they look too generic God of War I may reverse it though

*Here Goes*

I'm not thoroughly conviced YET, I think it looks like just another Minotaur-a-like...

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More work done on Ears (as they were too small) and started some rudimentary colouring.

going to try fix legs now

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The one thing I thought people here, what with all the games being played, wouldn't think about this thing is that it's terrifying, unless you're like scared of deer. and apart from RAPING YOU IN YOUR SLEEP tonight, it doesn't pose any threat.