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I'll attempt to do two versions, it's only a case of changing the low poly and doing some map tweaking, but that's all pretty simple. What about the legs?, if he has hooves maybe they should be digitigrade (if that's the word I'm looking for)

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That's fantastic, Yeah the feet are odd at the moment because I'm using a base-mesh that has toes, I'll sort that out now I know I should go with feet.

Yeah, I may try an even more fucked up version for laughs, but I think I'm going to just get this looking as detailed as possible and get it baked down to low poly

Also, is there anyone who can rig well??, I'll probably try myself but usually it ends up badly...

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Ok, so It gets even Sillier, however, I need your feedback, I chose to make it a human-oid as frankly it's easier to model and animate. Feedback and suggestions guys. mostly a) what clothes should he have and b) should I try hooves instead of hands and feet??
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not yet...

what's more manly than rolling about a padded wring in tight spandex groping other men?, I don't know

Don't be sorry, it was bound to happen, might as well get it over with now

hopefully it will be at the end, I'll possibly make it low poly too and make a game model and just distribute it to see what other people use it for, that is IF I complete it

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I dunno, I'm just using a normal luchador style body/clothes, and sticking luchadeers head on it

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Yeah... I know, I was bored.

The game?? I dunno, however I do kinda want to make a super smash brothers clone with the crew of the whiskey media sites

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So I started this today in Zbrush : Will update once I've made more progress


Edit : More Progress (29/02/2012) (CLICK FOR HI-RES)

EDIT: Quick Test on how the normal map may behave, left is low poly, right is high poly, middle is the normal mapped version.

EDIT: Test Rig/Bake of Normal Maps

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I loved this game, playing as Potts was one of my most beloved computer game memories :D

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No wonder once wrote "I have a big face" on my arm... pity he did it 5 minutes before going into an exam