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Twitter is very cool if you use it write. Hourly updates is better then posting up dates every 5 minutes like I used to for some dumb reason. Its just a good place to get out small thoughts and let people you ain't hanging out with at the time know what your up to. I am very guitly of posting on twitter to much and when i'm bored joking to my brother that i'm gonna twitter everytime I had to take a piss!

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So here it is gonna keep this simple so WaaBam!! Here it is

Click for much larger version! Hint it looks better!

I know the thumb looks like crap but the full version does look much better. Don't know why I made it, kinda looks like something you'd have as a black velvet painting or something you'd dream up while tripping balls, like I am right now from the lack of sleep...and with that being said good night!

*Edit* there the posted a much bigger thumb. The full version is much better of course this is your 2 min. Xbox live trial version. Okay look away if your not gonna download the full version or something!

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Samurai champloo! Fantastic anime with great hip hop inspired music!

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@Ineedaname: Kinda agree doesn't capture the magic of the NEVER video. More pictures, quicker changing between said more pictures but selection off podcast section was good.
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I need to quit buying games if you guys are just gonna give um away! Keep up the giveaways cause they are awesome!

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@jakob187:  You would think I have learned by now when i've made plenty of damned Wallpapers really wish there was a kind of auto save feature with gimp haven't used photoshop in years so I dont know if they got anything like that now.
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@jakob187: No I totally agree but because the image was so heavly edited and I didn't save the version that I had with the different layers I couldn't change it. The larger version lets you see the logo and characters a little better.
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@jakob187:  That sort of was an accident... I had edited the image to much and then the resolution got all mucked up so I had to resize it and add black around the border and blend it a bit.
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Because Borderlands looks so cool and great I decided to make a wallpaper for it!

Click Here for Full Image...(psht its alot bigger!!!)
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Crap....already paid for it....damnit gotta be more patient for now on! would have most def liked to get this free over the World at war map pack I wont which i've played once!.....