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i recently completed this game and enjoyed most of it more than i thought i would from general opinion

to start i think Asylum is far and away the best of the series and after playing it the first time thought it should be considered alongside the best games ever made, almost as if it was a classic nintendo game

i enjoyed City the second time through but all the talk of improving upon the one 'flaw' of asylum - its flat narrative - left me disappointed as the story in city is very ramshackle and just throws villains at the screen for the sake of it then kills them all off when it doesnt know how to end everything

to this end i think origins actually had probably the best narrative of the series, i still think its a flaw of the series as a whole but origins made the best attempt. the introduction of the actual detective work / rewind feature was probably the greatest part of the new additions and game as a whole. It took what was the better part of city for me and made you actually use Batman's intellect, something which the recent games and films dont really touch upon as much as the gadgets and strength or psychology of batman

i wish they had made more of black mask but the denouement tied it up cleverly enough that i ended up enjoying it. though i still think black mask is under-utilised in batman media, i think the dynamic between him and bruce/batman could be as potent as joker (i've only read the more famous graphic novels so if anyone has any suggestions on black mask reading i'd appreciate it)

with this game i feel like its getting closer to a batman whodunnit, in the line of long halloween, which would be great to play but the games still feel disjointed, asylum was the tightest narrative but it felt flat because they'd tried to stretch what wouldve made a very interesting 30min or hour episode of the TV show into an 8 hour game which i understand is hard to deliver and something many narrative games struggle with; how do you provide 10 or even 30 hours of interactive entertainment with a convincing and enticing narrative over the same period of time, the equivalent of an entire trilogy or tv show season

the real problem with the game and the main thing that will keep me from replaying it -unlike its predecessors - is its technical problems, frame rate was (playing digital version on ps3) consistently terrible throughout, as in constantly, which i could only forgive because i wanted to know more about the story otherwise i would have stopped playing. But it made flying through the city a chore, despite being bigger / having more room to fly around and more atmospheric - it really hit the tone of 'Gotham' for me far better than City, if i ever get a gaming PC i'll definitely look into this

on the whole i ended up enjoying it, the premise is clever enough and handled fairly well throughout the game but technical problems completely let it down as well as just a general roughshod nature to everything - ironically the opposite of the previous games which i remember to be very competently made with a lacklustre, rushed or confusing narrative

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i was really disappointed with city, the main thing i want from another batman game is a decent story told well, focusing on three or four characters,

with city they tried to mention just about everyone and then just kill almost everyone off instead of dealing with them properly which lessened the impact of certain plot points like jokers death which still felt strange and unnecessary

i also felt the open world was underused and lacked the scale of a city, it was just asylum without loading times, but the mechanics of gliding through the city were fun; but the city needed to be a lot larger, i didnt feel like you were one man in the city, after a couple hours you knew where everything was and just went around kicking everyones ass,

i mention the way in which the story is told is important to me because city was horribly paced; i dont understand why the side quests were labelled as such, they should have tried to integrate that into the narrative as they were some of the better parts of the game and the main story was quite underwhelming considering the villains involved

maybe more freedom, a couple of things really stood out for me; when azrael would just appear after a mission, i realised later it wasnt randomly generated but the first couple times i noticed him by accident and that felt special; also a similar experience with the identity theft quest line where you had to find the bodies without any help, stuff like that where you have to really explore and pay attention to your surroundings

its still one of the best playing games from a mechanical and gameplay perspective but i think greater care with the setting, characters and story would go a long way to making a really great game, which is what the first one pretty much was; i consider it among my favourite games and as tight and well produced as some of nintendo's zelda games

sorry for the long post but ive recently replayed it and i really enjoy some parts and but am still greatly disappointed by it

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Stones usually do it for me

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@WilltheMagicAsian said:

I got Splinter Cell: Conviction on PC for a penny when Ubisoft mispriced it on their Uplay store.

Damn, came to post about Conviction, but thats a far better deal

I got the collectors edition with the sam fisher figure and soundtrack etc for £7.99

hadn't thought of getting the game and was going to sell it on but i played it and enjoyed it

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@MagusMaleficus said:

Finished House of Leaves and am jumping into Robert Jordan's Conan books. Regarding House of Leaves: Highly recommended but be prepared to read it front to back at least twice in order to absorb everything. House is a documentary transcript within a book within a book...within a book.

someone bought me a copy and its been lying on a shelf for years, looked strange so i never read it and forgot about it until your post, definitely going to check it out, thanks

i'm trying my best to get into the dudley smith trilogy by ellroy but something keeps holding me back, already read la confidential and its great but i want to read the whole thing through

still have loads to finish too, Adventures of a Young Man by John Dos Passos, which is the start of the DC trilogy so thats another trilogy and i left the once and future king by the road before end of year exams etc and want to get back into that

plus continuing to read essays by joseph brodsky and emil cioran

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i had the same thought, but I can't see it being a problem, if anything Nintendo are probably hoping that the confusion will engender at least some publicity if incorrect

Hopefully people who are buying a wii u gamepad will be asked if they have the system

slightly off topic, but i don't really care for the 'U' addition to titles such as Zombi U / New Super Mario Bros U etc if thats going to be the branding

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@Soapy86 said:

I think he's fun to listen to regardless of whether he knows what he's talking about or not.
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80 hours, level 38 or something, haven't played in weeks and its below level 40

finished the main story, now just go around doing other side quests

edit; just checked it again, its actually 90hours, level 40

still fun to wander around and do some quests

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I have never done it before, usually just wanted the console and got a few games to play on it but GTA IV pushed me to get a 360 and I was dying to play MGS4 for two years after having played the first three

hadn't paid much attention to this generation until the GTAIV trailer

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GTAV late 2012 confirmed