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Biggest dissapointment in pc indie games 0

Terraria is a brand new surprise attack of a game that appeared brand new a few weeks ago. It took the internet by surprise and showed everyone what they could do with the minecraft formula. But can this sneak attack of a video game live up to the high hopes of gamers up in this place? Lets find out.Right off the bat there is something odd about this game. It just resembles to much of minecraft. The game clearly lifts everything right from notch's previous work. Ignoring that, the game starts of...

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The best game on the Wii this year! 0

Scroll down to the bottom for the video review, otherwise read on.  Epic Mickey is the long awaited Disney video game designed to bring Mickey into the 21st century as a video game hero. The game boasts a dark story and choices with consequence. These features are intended to break through the barrier keeping licensed games from being anything more than mediocre. But are these features enough to let Epic Mickey shine? I'm here to find out.  The game starts off as a basic platformer. You run and ...

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Worst game of the year. 0

Welcome to Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy attempts to be a throwback to classic gaming. The creators attempted to make an old school styled platform game with a over the top level of difficulty. However they made a few too many wrong turns on their way to pseudo-classic gaming goodness. While Super Meat Boy tries as hard as it can to be a modern classic, it comes off as anything but.  The gameplay is simple. You can jump, and you can jump off of walls. That's it. The creators attempted to make a...

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Kirby's Epic Fail? 0

I'm a big fan of Kirby. I have been since I was 6 years old and played Kirby's Dream World for the first time on my Super Nintendo. I love sucking on my bad guys so that I can become their powers. I love to fly by puffing up my cheeks and then I go up. However I have a beef to pick with Kirby Epic Win. While it might be considered by some to be a cool game on it's own, It's just not a Kirby game!.  The gameplay is kind of confused. Normally in a Kirby game I can eat a dude and then that lets me ...

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Fallout or FAILout? 0

Fallout Lost Vegas is Interclay's first attempt at making a Fallout 3 game. While Bethesda software has been behind every Fallout from 1 to 3, this new developer is about to take their hand at crafting this post nuclearific world. But does it become one of the hit games of the year or does it flop like Super Meat Boy? Let's find out!   The story of the game is that you are a addicted gambler on his way to Los Vegas to make the big bucks at the big slots. However you end up spending all your mone...

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The super sonicest game in the earth. 0

This sonic the hedgehog 4 is the best game of the franchise. Better than sonic 1, 2 and 3 put together. In this game you blast through with sonic speed through 4 levels of insane half pipes loops and poops. You fight Mr. Robotonic and his robot army to prevent them from taking over Angel Grove and all of Sonic's friends at the youth center. The music is fantastic, it's as if Sonic 3D Blast had an extended soundtrack! The graphics are mind blowing, they are even better than the backgrounds in Mar...

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The wrost game of the year. 0

This game blows. Do you like paying $15 to play an overglorified flash game with generic chip tunes and all the appeal of a 13 year old pretending they liked the Super Nintendo? Then this is the game for you! Enjoy the unique game features like jumping, and jumping on a wall! Amazing graphics, like the main character. He's a block that was drawn in Flash. Do you like flash? I like paying for flash games. Do you like hard games? I like games that use difficulty as an excuse for bad gameplay, so t...

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