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I really loved this game and am happy there are more levels to play. But I understand a lot of people's frustration. Though I think going and leaving 1 star reviews just out of spite is pretty childish and the game should be judged on it's own merits rather than a decision to charge for DLC. A lot of reviews mentioned how they hoped there would be more levels added in an update. Being that you have to pay for the new levels is probably surprising to a lot of people who were expecting a free update all along due to how short the main game is and they wanted more value for their $4.

I personally don't mind paying the extra $2 for 8 more levels. It's not that big of a deal. The developers put extra time and care into crafting more levels for this beautiful game, they should get a little compensation for it. The way I look at it, $4 for the main game, which lasted me an hour to complete but I've since completed it several times more, is the price of a burger at a fast food joint which I eat in about 5 minutes and is forgotten about 10 minutes later. Here I enjoyed a wonderful little gem of a game that has long lasting memories of my experience with it. And $2 for 8 more levels? I tip $2 to the pretty cocktail waitresses every time I get a drink in Las Vegas, where I live. So yeah, not a big deal.

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Found this invincibility glitch. I can't take credit for it, just sharing it here. Sorry if this has been posted already.

You must have at least 3 people, one person has to be a siren with the Res skill. Have the other two people down themselves with like a rocket or any other means. Have the siren hold X to start reviving the first person who wants to be invincible. While holding X, use your action skill on the second person while still holding X to revive the first person. After both players are revived the siren can release X.

Now the first person that was revived by holding X is now invincible and will auto second-wind every time downed. Also the siren will earn 100xp every time the character second-winds. The invincibility lasts until the person that is invincible or the host saves and quits.

Now have fun beating those annoying DLC bosses!

Edited to add: Tested it and it works with 4 people as well so 2 people can be invincible. Also this is for the Xbox version. Have not tried it on PS3.

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I don't have a problem with switching discs but there needs to be a valid reason why a game is being shipped on multiple discs. I'm fine with the assumption that it's due to the new motion scan technology because I can see that taking up more space and since the whole game revolves around the characters and such I'm fine with it. Dead Space 2 on the other hand, I don't have any freaking clue why that needed to be on 2 discs for 360. All the cutscenes were in-engine so that shouldn't have been an issue.

Other games it still doesn't benefit from being on multiple discs. Take Final Fantasy XIII for instance. On 3 dvds and the game was still so highly compressed, some of the cutscenes looked like garbage. They seriously looked like a low-res youtube video expanded to full screen with ugly compression artifacts. I was very disappointed and should have played the game on PS3 like my friend did. Lastly, what is going to be the outcome of this new disc format that Microsoft is beta testing? Does it have anything to do with more space on discs? 

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Just curious as to how many out there are excited about pro mode and the price to invest in it. Are you more willing to buy the Fender Mustang Pro guitar for $149.99 or will you wait and go all out for the Squier Stratocaster (real) guitar early next year for presumably $250-300?
I think the pro mode will be exciting for anyone interested in learning guitar and I would definitely like to try it, I just don't know about the price. Way too high at a time right now when there are so many games to get.

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I should have had mine this past Wednesday, at least that's what the store I go to told me. I usually always get my games on the Friday before the official release date, once in a while 6 days early. But unfortunately the store I go to didn't receive it by Friday, so I have to wait until Monday to play.

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I will be starting on Hardcore. I played on hardest setting in Fallout 3 for most of the game and it was a lot more fun and intense than normal. Can't wait for this!

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I know this is my most anticipated release of the year. Hope to have it within a few days. Can't wait to spend 100+ hours in another Fallout game.