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Thinking about Ryan and the Endurance Run, and I couldn't find the exact clip of it, but here's the song...

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Considering this is one of the few big releases for a drama, for this summer, I imagine they're getting a big audience who doesn't want to Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness or any other big action blockbuster.

Also, it's Mother's Day weekend.

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@TurboMan said:

Not too much to complain about thusfar, except Brad continually calling The Walking Dead busted on consoles...

Played it on a PS3 and didn't notice too many issues other than a stutter in between decisions every once in a while... far from "Busted"

I played on PS3 as well. Only had a few frame rate hitches, a few snags while loading. It's not busted.

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At this point, I'm convinced that XCOM is going to be the GOTY. Everyone has played it, and only Jeff hasn't played Walking Dead. Plus, it sounds like everyone has some gripe with WD and I haven't heard anything bad about XCOM save for technical reasons. It's still early, but I think it'll be XCOM.

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The album is also five bucks on iTunes, so it's really a no brainer to buy it right now.

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Grim Fandango! Yes!

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I think quick looks are too long like most people are saying here. For instance, that Medal of Honor Warfighter quick look had no business being 90 minutes long, live event or not. I was bored and they seemed bored playing it and watching it. Lately there has been a slew of funny and entertaining quick looks but that has to do with games coming out. Everyone brings it up but summer is always the worst for content on the site. I know people will get mad at me for saying it, but if GB were to do another Endurance Run, they should do it during the summer time because I saw way too many ILMs where they complained that nothing was coming out. It just feels like the best time for them to record it and for us to watch something during the summer dry spell.

After my gold subscription expired for the site I decided to just wait a few months, pay for one month and just watch all the premium content at once. Do they still need the subscriptions after being acquired by CBSi? Like it's a good indicator for interest in the site but plenty of other sites prosper just based on traffic. Didn't Jeff give an explanation about this sometime?

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@Vinny_Says: You have to game it to get full synchronization. Just climb a tree, wait up there and do an aerial assassination to kill a wolf, then climb the tree again, and repeat the process.

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If Brad Muir is doing a quick look with the GB team, I drop everything I'm doing to watch.