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Lvl 70 50 paragon demon hunter

Lvl 58 harcore crusader

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I'm there! And live near by, so whatever is going on.. would be awesome to meet some giant bomb duders. Just moved here 4 weeks ago, so looking forward to seeing anyone who lives around here.

Any meetups going on Friday night?

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woo! First PAX for me, heading in this morning to see what's up!

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@vampir: I spent probably a thousand hours on that game as a kid.. it deserves the respect!

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@vampir: Tribes original is still going too right? I saw it a couple years ago, some one had setup a new master server list

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Dead Rising 3, BF4, Ryse, Forza 5, KI

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I heard they were missing pause and resume feature too.. that seems kinda crazy considering it is a pretty deep feature in the OS.

Oh by the way, I am not sure about Win7 but Win8 has a "playto device" feature that allows video streaming to 360, I wonder if that will just hook up with the Xbox One?

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Just sent a request for xbox 360 crew, gamertag ProfittOfRegret

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I don't get this rumor anyway, when they had it up for preorder it showed a headset as part of the Xbox One package.. why did no one understand that a headset was coming with it?

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Definitely I care. I can't wait to get the feature. I would love to watch Halo streams a lot more, unfortunately they don't exist at the moment.