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1. Using Firefox
2. Windows XP Media Edition
3.Here is the character page where I am having this problem:
4.Whenever I tried to save my edit I'd get this error: birthday: This field is required.
So I gave It a false date. otherwise I could not save.

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You both would be right. +1 for both of you.

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My main Characters are Amy and Tira and I've never personally made any real special ones but I started this forum to share with you the many faces I've seen in this game. Ones that make me laugh, ones that make me cry and ones that make me hate the creator with every fabric of my being.

One of the funniest matches I've seen I uploaded to youtube and my website featuring Harry Potter vs Ron Weasly.
For the High Rez version click here. For the Youtube click here.
Now just fair warning in case we meet online. I record my matches to improve my flaws and if/when I come across unique/horrible/awesome characters I take a screenshot and upload it here to GiantBomb.

Here are a few I've discovered and I give credit to those who make them in each pic. Some of these look like minor edits or are just lame like my Amys but most of mine are designed with intent for certain floors of the Tower of Lost Souls. My best rated Character is my Raiden simply because he's more unique than my other characters but also I understand how much Kilik is hated online, even I despise him but seldom do I loose to one since Anti-Noob tactics are simple to learn. Although Kilik isn't one of my Fav and used characters I'll sometimes use him in player matches and I'm not the average Kilik so instead of spamming Verticals, or horizontals I kinda turtle and guard impact the individual to death. Something they never expect from a Kilik.

Keep in mind I added all these pics at once and some seem displaced from the captions and it is a bit hard to edit this page I noticed I can't even view the images so I am typing up here. Please if you come across some sweet characters or have some of your own take a pic and submit them here or if need be arange a match with me and I'll take the picture. :D

Kia (Custom Character by DisrobingAjax)
Zasalamel (Variant by AtomicStarfish)
Setsuke (Variant by Sindelian)
Cervantes (Variant by AtomicStarfish)
Tira (Variant by Sindelian)
Amy (Variant by AtomicStarfish)
Bridget (Custom Character by Shadou)
Cervantes (Variant by AtomicStarfish)
Hilde (Variant by AtomicStarfish)
Raiden (Custom Character by me)
Ganondorf (Custom character by MLG DjGrAYcEILz)
Jade (Custom Character by Sindelian)
Setsuka (Variant by Sindelian)
Amy (Variant by me)
Setsuke (Variant by Sindelian)
Hilde (Variant by Sindelian)
Zasalamel (Variant by Shadou)
Tira (Variant by Sindelian)
Lizardman (Variant by AtomicStarfish)
Amy (Variant by me)
Amy (Variant by me)
Tira (Variant by Sindelian)
Amy (Variant by AtomicStarfish)
Amy (Variant by me)
Hilde (Variant by Sindelian)
Tira (Variant by Sindelian)
Kurou Daijuuji (a custom character by my friend Shadou)
Amy (Variant by me)
Hilde (Variant by Sindelian)
Zasalamel (Variant by AtomicStarfish)
Hitler (Custom Character by ImAshroom69)
Lei Fang (A custom character by my friend Shadou)
Ziek (a custom character by a player whom we faced)
Neliel (a custom character by my friend Shadou)
Ron Weasly (Custom Character by R0n4ldxMcD0n4ld)
Xianghua (Variant by AtomicStarfish)
lolcat (Custom Character by R0n4ldxMcD0n4ld)
Star Fox (Custom Character by ImAshroom69) *Should of called him Fox Mcloud*
Judge Judy (Custom Character my ImAshroom69)
Michael (Custom Character by Striker241)
Amy (Variant by me)
Trista (Custom Character by ImAshroom69)
(Custom Character by ImAshroom69)
G-Ma Rainbow (Custom Character by AtomicStarfish)
Ren (Custom Character by me)
Harry Potter (Custom Character by AtomicStarfish)
Amy (Variant by me)
DADDYS_LIL_G(Custom character by MLG DjGrAYcEILz)
I-No (Custom Character Created by Me)
(Custom Character by AtomicStarfish)
Falco (Custom Character by AtomicStarfish)
Sarah Palin (Custom Character by AtomicStarfish)
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Wow..It's surprisingly delicious ^_^

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I'm pretty sure if woman drink enough of them they'll grow one. How else would tentacle play stay alive?

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Wow I looked at all three parts and they are simply amazing. Good work!  Don't suppose you've heard of PMod or used it perhaps?

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So when I have my gaming rig my 360 red rings. I get my new 360 then my Rig motherboard goes despite just building it. All of this has already been blabbed enough on the net but the point of this one is to introduce The xbox 360 and PC Gaming Rigs other cousin. My Recording Rig. A simple little Laptop I use as a server that is the only thing I have compatible with my Capture Device. Recently I got it working again and have created a new film based in the game Soul Calibur 4 and it's titled "Who touched my Wand?"

The Team Legit post:
The You tube video:

Another thing to add is all the pictures captured by the device. I thought, HEY I can submit these to  Giant Bomb! and so I am. :P

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Jake your such a newgrounds noobie. Yes thats a great video, even greater since its a joint work of:

Egoraptor &

Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto)

Two very awesome Newgrounds Legends. Be sure to watch all of Egoraptor's Awesome series as well. Metal Gear Awesome and Awesome Gaiden being my favourites.