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Missing a few from the first borderlands on xbox inlcuding:

Speedy McSpeederton- Race in under 31 seconds

Can't We Get BEYOND Thunderdome?- Win an arena match

There's No "I" In "Team"- Complete 15 missions in co-op

And They'll Tell Two Friends- Play in a co-op game with either an employee of Gearbox or someone who has this achievement

And the secret achievement for killing a boss in co op.

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@barrock: I feel you with the Mickey Car. Same thing accept 2 in one pack but too much mickey!!

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I only got the power pack that came with my preorder and the one that came in the physical starter set. Starter came with Mickeys Car, and my power pack had Cinderella's Chariot and Mickeys Car... so yeah already have them doubles as well. Good to know about the reading through the packaging though.

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Picked up my copy today and spent 9 consecutive hours playing. Such a great game so far have only played as Sully, but got the starter pack plus Barbossa to go until I need more of my "fix". Was hoping to hear some reviews or cool news of something I haven't encountered yet. SHOW ME YO PIX!

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Didn't see a forum about it, maybe there is, I don't know. But I have around 20 assessed fossils I have previously donated to the museum and was wondering if anyones town had them as re-tail item of the day.

Also I thought we could use this post as a post what you have of the day. In case someone has a boatload of bugs of fish or fossils :D

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My Turnip price today is 124 if anyone still needs it. FC: 4527-7704-3067

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On daily! Let me know if you add me


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@catz said:

I added chie,meaghan, and Gerri. Please add me FC: 5386-7138-6741

Name: Catz


Will do!!

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Name: Gerri

FC: 4527-7704-3067

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I just bought a 3ds (actually I pick it up tomorrow) for the anticipation of pokemon x and y.

Purchased my xbox 360 for the sole purpose of assassins creed :D