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I just started playing, you can add me at rockyraccoon37

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It's probably already been mentioned but I'd love a regular Hearthstone feature on the site

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Man, I genuinely love a lot of what Polygon produces, but it seems more and more that their frequently hilarious, insightful and entertaining video and written features are completely in stark contrast from the trashy, publish anything approach of their news team.

Owen Good and Brian Crecente need to get their shit together ASAP.

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@millionthlayla: Nope, it's not a thing.

I liked the game at the time and still do, but I absolutely thought the ending was a cop out and in general felt that the characters and story moments dipped a little too much into melodrama. I'm very much a fan of games experimenting with how stories are delivered and how interaction is handled, so Gone Home was absolutely appealing to me. But I found the story to be a little too milquetoast and predictable in contrast with the forms of interaction and method of delivering the story.

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Yeah I think with Mary or Danny at the helm and Peter Brown and Alexa Ray Corriea as regulars they could probably get a solid weekly podcast going.

Would love to hear more casual conversational stuff from those folks-- I like the produced stuff they do, but a podcast would be great.

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@larrydavis: I haven't had any issues in the past playing the Dig or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis on Steam

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This is Brianna Wu, one of the women that's got sucked into this whole mess. I'm not going to get into a lot of debate here in this forum. I've already shown my thanks to GB for posting this. But, I do want to draw one thing to the attention of everyone posting here.

You are a bunch of men having a discussion about what you feel is a fair resolution for industry issues affecting industry women.

Some of your opinions are fine. Some are not. But I do want to remind you - there are not really women involved in the conversation here. And I'd like you to think about that.

I'd also like to tell the users of Giant Bomb, my first slate of rape and death threats came in January when I wrote a piece critiquing the absence of women voting for GOTY. I'd like you to think about that.


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I'm sure they're in the pipeline. I'm hoping they get around to a Bayonneta 2 QL soon.

Bayonetta 2 quick look won't happen until the release date-- there's a bunch of restrictions on what can be shown.

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Pretty sure Costume Quest 2 is PC only, for now at least.