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The amount of people in here, especially those on the first page, whose initial reaction was to criticize Phil or somehow claim that he had it coming are truly disgusting. And for the deranged few who think that he leaked this information himself-- set up shop at InfoWars and soak it in.

Not only is it continually upsetting and disappointing to see how much this community mirrors other shitty communities in video games, but it's especially distressing to see that kind of shit from a mod as well.

Consider giving empathy a try. This community and video games as a whole would be better for it.

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Following on overnow's point, I'd like to say that all beer sucks and is terrible. Most other alcoholic beverages don't do a hell of a lot better, but at least they're not so ubiquitous.

To follow up on this: cider is better than beer 100% of the time.

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The one thing he needs to learn is to stop referencing wrestling every 5 minutes in every quick look.


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I've been reading GotG comics since I was a kid. Movie was amazing. So glad Marvel, once again, proved all the naysayers wrong. I can't count the number of people who were so sure it would flop and be a terrible movie.

Ronan was weak, but not that weak. He had his own motivations beyond just wanting to kill everyone or rule the world/galaxy/universe. There was even his turn later in the film. I really hope that he isn't dead however as there is great material there for a redemptive turn for Ronan in a future film, but its hard to tell. Wouldn't be hard to decide that he didn't.

Can you remind me of his motivations? It's mentioned pretty quickly and only once and I can't for the life of me remember what he is seeking vengeance for.

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I enjoyed it, which is saying something because I've become so grossly cynical of these Marvel movies. It may be because I'm something of a sucker for sci-fi fantasy movies, but I found myself more able to look past the movie's many glaring issues.

It had an absolutely awful opening and possibly one of the cheesiest endings ever committed to film, but the pacing, visual design and action sequences were very well done. I didn't think any part of the movie was especially hilarious (and every now and again jokes failed miserably I'm looking at you dance-off and Footloose running gag) but I absolutely had a grin on my face when I wasn't rolling my eyes.

Still bums me out that these movies can't feature a cool female character almost entirely defined by their relationships to other men, but even more egregious than that is the never-ending trope of the unlikely heroes thrown together who initially don't get along and can't save the day until they realize they're a family and teamwork and YAY!

I'm just glad it wasn't another two and a half hour bore like the Avengers. More like this please Marvel, and maybe if possible move away from the assembly line story telling.

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Why only one game? You should buy all the games.

I've been playing a bunch of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and it's actually quite awesome. Level design, character design and gameplay is surprisingly varied and well realized. The final two worlds are also crazy tough if you're into that.

I was also a big fan of Attack of the Friday Night Monsters! Playing the game is kind of dull, but the writing is super charming and it's quite short at about 4 hours.

And apparently I need to check out that Fire Emblem tip because that's all anyone here is talking about...

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@stokes said:

@rockyraccoon37: That video was absolutely hilarious.

I totally dig girls that are into animal cruelty.

And hate eggplants.

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@shagge: Ugh. I'll give it another go.

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Man, just tried it... I don't think Sims 2 was made to have that much content going at once. That is certainly an experience. A long loading, feature info dumping, crashy experience.

Might have to get into the files and trim back some stuff.

Yeah I can't get past the initial loading screen-- it doesn't crash and the music still plays but it doesn't seem to load at all.