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@BlueOasis: Ah okay. The numbers were bizarre so I thought I would share it with the community. You don't see numbers like that everyday.
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@Scooper:  Thank you for your help. The link is now fixed in the first post.
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@Akeldama said:
Yes, indeed.
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@LiquidPrince said:
" Luchadeer could not find that page. "
Link is fixed.
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With the recent release of the new gaming experience, GMod Tower, the servers have been up and down and nearly 99.999% full all the time.

When I was trying to join the game recently, I came across a player with an extremely odd amount of time played and score.

First of all, GMod Tower does not have weapons or any means to hurt other players. Getting points is nearly impossible this way.
Second of all, this player's time played was absurd.

If you see the player, n, around,  be cautious.

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@The_A_Drain: This is his first day. I convinced him to join this wonderful site. Give him a break.
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@PowerSerj: If only a coin-gathering device was placed near my body. That would be great.
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I actually had plenty of health before I landed. Sidewalks are dangerous.

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So many LOL's compacted into one video. Great job.

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@T0mF5 said:
" @lemon360: Did you play the 360 version?I can't believe how similar this is between the art style, music, classes, and how the camera was at the scout's feet  while she was running just like some video with the scout in it for TF2. "
I noticed H.A.V.E.'s scout had a bat going in a circular motion when running. That is extremely similar. Almost to a direct rip-off similar.
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