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The new guys coming in better be awesome personalities or Giant Bomb is done. We already lost Ryan, and now the last remaining interesting Jeff-Vinny duo is being broken up? Ryan's passing and Patrick's leave has already seen a massive spike in Brad led QLs. Now what, even more Brad? Nothing personal against him, but dude is about as interesting as a box of nails. Jeff is also nearing his 40s, I really can't see him carry GB by himself for much longer. He's amazing for what he does, but people burn out. I really REALLY hope the new bloods are Grade A personalities.

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As if the 3DS wasn't enough of an ergonomic nightmare, now they're going to release a new system that's shaped like a slice of cake?

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Bets on the tablet stuff never being used for what it's supposed to do?

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People seriously like David Hayter as Snake? Does nobody remember what Old Snake sounded like? Hayter's depiction of an old man was so cheesy, Snake sounded like he fell out of some anime. At least this time, Snake has a chance of actually sounding like a grizzled soldier with Sutherland.

And also, David Hayter's tears are so delicious, mmmmm.....

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Well I guess Sony should really thank Microsoft this time because they just helped convince me of the PS4.

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Based on the Simcity successful sales figures, I believe you can describe it as a tactical victory with a strategic defeat.

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I guess this shows that, once again, you don't really need to be intelligent to land a job.

You just need connections and a little bit of luck.

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Seems like a situation that could of been avoided if they told someone beforehand.

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I was just wondering if anyone has any insider opinions about Shacktac. I've heard about them and read their site, but I just wanted to know what the general atmosphere of their community is like. Are they really demanding on your time?

I wanted to see if they are strict or relaxed, but yet still play tactically.


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Looks pretty cool, and the scale seems pretty big.

But to this day, I still don't understand why people bother to make MMO's. They're expensive as shit to make and maintain once the servers are up. The projected revenue is almost unpredictable. The subscription scheme is unpopular with most people. Free to play is a scam.

So please enlighten me, why developers spend so much time and resources to make MMOs. I mean, WoW is an exception and was a bit lucky.