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Stay safe out there bombers and shop to your heart's content but please please please don't go out on Thanksgiving if you don't have to (and none of you do unless you work retail). Spend time with loved ones and let retail workers do the same. Black Friday creeping up to start on Thanksgiving is unacceptable.

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Amazing. Now we just need to get stuff like this running on adult swim:

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360 / rNilla / request sent

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Setting an expiration date for the currency balance that is converted from existing points does not sit well with me. While 2015 allows plenty of time to spend them they were not purchased with this understanding.

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Still can't believe this is real.


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The Will Smith executable moment is definitely up there. Honestly there are too many to list because pretty much everything Ryan was involved in has at least one favorite moment. This is why I kept coming back to this site as I'm sure the rest of you did.

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Devastating news. I still can't believe this is real. Rest in peace duder!

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Do they not know how these new policies will change their previous plans? His responses to your questions were quite vague. Also, I'm confused as to why a day-one update is such a necessity to what they are doing. Does anyone know?

I don't actually know but I'd guess that, similar to the Wii U, this allows them to crunch until the very last minute to finish development of the complete launch OS. This just adds to the feeling that they are rushing this thing to the market whether or not that's actually the case.

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Star Wars: Need For Lightspeed: Podracers

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Congrats and welcome back!