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Do Giant Bomb videos still work on the iPad? I tried testing a few out at Best Buy but after hitting play, the play arrow just disappeared and I still had the preview still. The videos still work on my iPhone so this development is a bit strange.

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@KaosAngel: JFK's win was in no way easy. The election of 1960 was one of  the closest in US history.
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And it wasn't A-Rod.

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Shouldn't this post title be "Is game room unofficially dead?" If it was officially dead, Microsoft won't be adding games to it.

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" Ok... so I finished the SC2 campaign, mostly everything done on brutal...   Can we all agree that the ending of the story sucked?   "Walks into cave, picks up chick, shoots  tychus in the face, walks out, lives happily ever after derka derka"  I enjoyed the game, but it seems like that ending was abrupt and stupid.  "

How the hell did you beat that last mission on brutal? I tried to beat on hard for several hours before giving up and beating it on normal.